Product Spotlight:
Telephonic Case Management Specialty Services & Task Assignments

Coventry's products and services assist workers' compensation professionals in adapting to ever changing industry needs.
Broaden the scope of services performed by your
telephonic case manager

We recognize that not every claim requires ongoing case management. Some claims, however, may benefit from the expertise of a specialty nurse or limited assignment for a “light touch” of a telephonic case manager. Traditional telephonic case management (TCM) typically involves a formalized program that may include risk modeling or specific mandated triggers for ongoing medical management. We also offer access to both standard tasks services as well as specialty interventions for those non-traditional users of TCM.
The benefits of TCM Specialty and Task Assignments include:

Specialty trained nurses available as dedicated resources or limited task assignments.

Transparent flat-rated fees to control costs for limited task assignments.

No commitment to traditional telephonic case management services or large volume.
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