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What is an RxRN?
An RxRN is a specially trained case management nurse who communicates with a prescribing physician,
injured worker, and claims professionals to positively impact drug utilization.
Clear benefits to all parties 
Analysis of drug treatment, prescribing patterns, and patient demographic information is used to determine the most appropriate candidates for RxRN intervention. 
Injured worker education is a key role of the RxRN and includes providing information on the safe and appropriate use of medications, and ongoing patient engagement to answer questions and ensure compliance with an appropriate medication regimen.  In addition, the RxRN can facilitate and monitor urine drug testing, monitor a weaning program and/or coordinate additional physician outreach with an assigned field or telephonic case manager.

Find out more about how an RxRN can reduce pharmacy spend and improve outcomes by extending the reach of your PBM with a knowledgeable, caring, one-on-one, specially trained case manager.
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