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August 10, 2017

Prepare to be Enlightened
Check out our new product line and more product announcements from
RL Vanstory Co.

Introducing SpecGrade LED, the latest
addition to our product line.

SpecGrade LED has earned the distinction of being one of the most world's most respected manufacturers of reliable, precise and innovative industrial and commercial LED luminaires.
Offering specification grade LED products for arenas, stadiums, airport apron lighting, warehousing, retail and more. 
These architectural building blocks provide fundamental design tools that enable endless expression of your lighting ideas to meet specific customer requirements. Novato Lines + Arcs deliver illumination tailored to fit each unique space.

Lines                                            Arcs                                       Connectors


Introducing new specification Grade Sealed Downlights! Downlight fixtures for every environment, from High Abuse to Sealed Enclosures. Read more. 
Samantha Weiss
Specification Sales 

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