The pulp and paper industry has demanding applications for valves of all types, but sampling valves have traditionally proved problematic. The issues are two-fold. The first is getting a live sample so reliable and meaningful analysis of the product can be made at various stages in the
process. This problem stems from taking samples too close to the pipe wall where product can stagnate. The second problem is the valve itself. Many valves just don't prove reliable enough over the long term. Valves can be prone to clogging or leaking causing budget dollars to be wasted.
The Strahman True Stock sampling valve can solve these issues with its unique design. All sampling valves in this series come with an extended coupler that  pushes  past the pipe wall and into the main product stream so you can count on a representative sample every time. To combat clogging, the pistons were designed to be flush with the end of the coupling, eliminating dead space and clogging issues. The valves also utilizes  a dual seal system above and below the discharge to prevent leakage.

A standard True Stock sampling valve is built to last with a 316 stainless steel body and piston.Seals are TFE and end connections are NPT. The series is available in 3/4"x1/2" or 3/4"x3/4" for SV-700 models and 1"x3/4" or 1"x1" for SV-800 models. Standard extension lengths are 2", 4" and 6" for both series.

The True Stock valves can also be customized with a variety of body materials and seal options for applications up to 1000°F. Additonally, heat jackets, piston extensions and actuators are also available to meet a wide array of applications. Bottles and adapters can be added to any model for a complete sampling package.

When you add the unique design features of the True Stock series to the customer serivce and technical capabilties of the Strahman team, it is easy to see why the series is the best value for sampling valves in the Pulp and Paper industry.