November 23, 2018
AloePLUS+ being retired effective 12-31-18

It has come to our attention that the most recent batch of AloePLUS+ Juice Drink has a distinctly different taste than earlier batches. This is due to normal variations found with natural ingredients. Just as you find in your local grocer’s produce department, natural products can vary in color, size and taste influenced by variations in climate conditions, crop locations and season.
Although this batch (#15738) is safe and maintains its benefits, it does not meet our quality standards and our commitment to delivering the best product, so we have made the decision to retire this product. We will continue to research the feasibility of delivering a consistent, effective juice drink.

All AloePLUS+ autoshipments have been suspended effective November 16. We will be contacting all AloePLUS+ autoship customers early next week to let them know how to manage their autoshipments.

The autoshipment option 7011P3AS will be removed from the shopping cart effective November 30. However, AloePLUS+ Juice Drink will be available for purchase through the end of December for anybody who would like to stock up or make one last purchase. To order, they should use item numbers #7011 or #7011P3. Please note that the additional $7.50 shipping and handling charge applies to each single bottle or multi-pack purchased.

If you or your customers have any questions as we approach the transition of this product, please let us know at or by contacting us at 262-363-9674.
Your home office team