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September 15, 2020

Prepare to be Enlightened 

Modern design and flexibility create maximum lighting possibilities with a variety of options. Check out our latest product news and contact RLV for your next project!  
The Stormbell Pendant System from Nordeon works for multiple applications ranging from office to retail settings. Available with high-gloss finishes and medium or wide beam distributions. 

           Stormbell                                                       Stormbell DECO


High quality optics and color. 
All-silicone durable and flexible.

Perfect for applications with space limitations. 


Acoustic Solutions with a different angle.

Enhancing architectural design with sound level control.  Learn more.

The Ashland Family from SPI Lighting.

Classic designs in a state-of-the-art LED package.


TruTrack is a patented 24VDC track system that recesses into 5/8" thick drywall. TruTrack allows you to easily create unique designs by eliminating the need to plan around, or modify studs and joists. 
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