Production Highlight
February 2020
Jeep on Moonstone Beach
Humboldt County
Location Notes
  • Permit:                    requirements vary                        
  • Parking:                 available on-site (smaller vehicles in private lot)                              
  • Catering:                available nearby        
  • Accommodations:
     available nearby             
  • Nearest
     Resources:               McKinleyville     (6.6 Mls)                     
  • Nearest Hwy:   Hwy 101 (.25 mls)
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Cassandra Hesseltine
Humboldt-Del Norte 
Film Commissioner,
Immediate Past President- FLICS 
The Humboldt-Del Norte Film Commission is here to help with your production needs  and our services are provided free of charge. 

The Humboldt-Del Norte Film Commission is recognized by the County of Humboldt, County of Del Norte, and the California Film Commission  as the official advocate for filming in Humboldt and Del Norte, California.  We are  also a member of the organization FLICS (Film Liaisons in California Statewide). The Film Commissioner, Cassandra Hesseltine, is the Immediate Past President of FLICS. 

Cassandra became the region's Film Commissioner in fall of 2010.  Prior to taking on the role of Film Commissioner, she worked in film and theater.  

We're always happy to host productions when they come to shoot, and when we can combine one of our favorite locations with such a recognizable brand like Jeep, we're doubly excited. So, when Mesa Lange Productions asked about a beach for an upcoming California lifestyle shoot, we knew the perfect spot. Moonstone Beach is not only favorite local beach for hanging out to watch the waves and sunset, but offers so much to shoot. Productions can get multiple looks from this one county beach. It has rocks in the water, big rocks on the beach, surfable waves, trees overlooking, grassy areas, nooks and crannies, a river running through it...this beach has it all. There's a film-friendly private parking lot, beach access by foot (and with permission, for picture cars), a building for rent if need be ( Merryman's Beachhouse), and beauty you have to see to believe. We'd be happy to help you through Humboldt County's permitting process, so you can capture this picturesque beach for your production's needs.
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