AUGUST, 2020
"Productivity Is Never An Accident"
Our First Construction Class Completed Their Theory!!!
We are very proud to announce that our Construction students have completed their theory curriculum under the instruction of Mr. Everton Graham.
Construction Meet & Greet
On July 31, 2020 we hosted a Meet & Greet via Zoom. Thanks to our amazing supporters, our students were able to engage in a Q&A session with business leaders, life coaches, and other exemplary individuals from all across the world. Our students asked many questions geared towards continued success and life advice. We had a very informative and motivational fellowship session, and we are truly thankful for everyone that participated!
"A House Is Made of Bricks & Beams, A Home Is Made of Hopes & Dreams"
Construction Blitz Project
Here at PAVE, we believe in putting our skills to the test and we expect nothing less for our students. We were overjoyed to find a way for our construction class to participate and contribute in the renovations of Wayne's house. Our founder, Al Merritt made a decision to facilitate and assist Wayne with the re-build. Prior to construction, the house was lacking adequate plumbing and electrical systems due to limited resources. Those who are overseeing the site alongside our teachers have truly enjoyed watching the students grow throughout their training. There is a saying in Jamaica that goes "the boy can't tek (take) tellin!" and it simply means that one is ignorant to advice or hard of hearing. On the contrary, from the start of the course until now we've seen a tremendous amount of comprehension and understanding among our students. The adults helping them to further through this process have been heard saying "the boys can tek tellin!" As you can see we are very proud of the commitment and responsibility upheld by our soon to be graduates.
A Special Thank You To Mr. Keron Smith
It is with gratitude and appreciation that I would like to thank Mr. Keron Smith for his leadership and guidance with our PAVE construction class 2020. As a result of his passion for this organization these construction graduates will have success in their near future. PAVE Centre is very fortunate to have leaders such as yourself working in the community and making a difference. Keep up the good work.


Audra Handal
Executive Director
Meet Wayne!
Wayne has worked for Norse Hill as a butler for the past 9 years, and is very passionate about his work. He has been married to his wife for 12 years and they have 4 children, 3 of whom currently live with them. Recently Wayne lost his 3 year old grandchild due to unforeseen circumstances. Wayne was raised and currently lives in a community called Sherwood Forest up on a hillside. It takes him about 20 minutes to get to work. However, it is not an easy task due to the steep trail you have to embark on in order to reach his home. Many cars are not able to get up the hill or end up being stuck. We are thankful for Wayne, his commitment to his work and his family, and his humble yet hospitable spirit. (Read more about Wayne and his home in "Construction Blitz Project")
Wishing all of our supporters and friends good health, happiness, tranquility, and vision throughout these trying times!

Your Friends at PAVE