Productivity Strategies to
Take Back 2020
Hello friends,

Between the pandemic, adjusting to working and schooling from home and a chaotic election year, 2020 has provided more than its fair share of distractions. As the end of the fourth quarter draws near, we've got productivity on the brain.

As organizers, we use strategies to prioritize and organize objects when we work in your home, and the same methods apply to productivity. Thoughts, ideas, tasks and projects are all just clutter until they can be categorized and contained in a meaningful way.

Here are some ways to stay productive in Q4

  • Delete the Facebook/Instagram app from your phone. Boom.
  • Write a day plan each morning. When you feel yourself getting distracted, use it as a guide to bring you back.
  • Prioritize tasks on your To Do list with a symbol that alerts your brain to do those priority items first. A highlighter can work well, just make sure you're not making the whole list yellow or it defeats the purpose.
  • Post a schedule for the week in a spot where everyone can see and access it. We like using a whiteboard for this. This helps visually communicate what is happening to the rest of the family.
  • Turn off lock screen notifications on your phone. On iOS, go to Settings > Notifications > Show Previews > Never.
  • Get a Time Timer to see time pass visibly as a reminder to stay focused.
  • If you get off track, acknowledge it to yourself. Then stand up, stretch, or go for a quick walk to refocus.
  • Noise cancelling headphones are a great investment!

Happy Holidays!
Missy and the Team
On the Blog
Self Care is an Essential Service
2020 has already brought many challenges (#understatementoftheyear), and the holidays usually bring even more stress along with them. In preparation, I'm here my our little organizer soapbox to talk about self-care for a hot minute. Stay with me please.

It's a common belief that self-care is expensive. And sure, a trip to the day spa isn't cheap. But the narrative that self-care costs money is a marketing ploy. And it's only one tiny little facet of what the term is really about.

Self-care isn't about luxury. It's literally what it sounds like: caring for yourself.

Wondering if you get enough self-care time? Ask yourself if you feel constantly stressed, anxious or tired. If so, than you probably don't get enough. Remember, this year has been tough, so many of us need more of that personal attention than in the past to make up for the extra cortisol and stress hormones constantly firing this year.

Portland Events and Resources
The Interview at Pregame: Rebecca Tweed
This Friday, Ciara Pressler from Pregame will talk with Rebecca Tweed, political strategist, about her career in politics, what it's like to work with Republicans in a blue state, and where two polarized sides might find middle ground to move our community forward.

Date: Friday, November 13th
Time: 10am - 11am PST
Location: Online
Cost: Free

Change Your Story: International Women's Lifestyle Conference
This inspiring, all day virtual conference features various female motivational speakers, performances and zoom breakout group sessions.

Date: Saturday, November 14th
Time: 9am - 5pm PST
Location: Online
Cost: $80 for general admission

Hanging Greens Basket Workshop
Get crafty while being resourceful in this fun workshop that helps you refresh your summer hanging flower baskets into festive holiday features.

Date: Saturday, November 21st
Time: 10:30am PST or 2pm PST
Location: Durant at Red Ridge Farms,
5510 Northeast Breyman Orchards Road
Dayton, OR 97114
Cost: $55

This workshop will be held outdoors (in the heated tent behind the Gift Shop) and will not be canceled due to weather.