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Products for Your Everyday Automation Needs

Compact Cylinder


The ultra compact

short stroke cylinder

The compact cylinder series ADN-S is optimized in terms of installation space. Its strong point is its design, which is ideal for simple pressing and holding functions in relatively clean environments. In particular, the space-optimized overall size is perfect for the electronics industry and small parts assembly, where design focus is on compact machines.

more about ADN-S Cylinders

Flow Control Valve


Big in performance,

small in size

Compact machines require compact components. The new VFOE adjustable one-way flow control valve, with push-to-lock adjustment feature, is perfect for applications requiring compact components. Additionally, the VFOE has many variants, easy 

commissioning, extremely light weight and attractively priced.

more about VFOE Flow Controls

Electronic Proximity


Programmable proximity

switch with auto teach-in

The first proximity switch with automatic switching point setting makes commissioning easier than ever before. With its detection range of 20 mm, it is easy and reliable to install, especially in applications where mounting is difficult. SDBT-MSX is ideal for all standard applications, especially in factory automation and small parts handling.

more about SDBT-MSX Switches

Planetary Gearboxes

with Mounted Pinion

Neugart logo.jpg
Neugart Pinion.jpg

Two pinions and eight gearboxes

ensure the ideal solution

A gearbox/pinion combination developed from a single source is the guarantee of ideal technical coordination for your rack and pinion drive.

Neugart’s integrated gearbox/pinion combination provides the best technical coordination for rack and pinion drives. Numerous solution options provide high dynamics and high load-bearing capacities at the same time because of the precision gearing.

Learn more about Neugart Planetary Gearboxes

XTSE Series

Safety Contactors

Eaton XSTE.jpg

Designed to take safety

to the next level

Eaton's XTSE safety contactors are designed with the OEM and end customer in mind. XTSE contactors integrated to applications to not only achieve the highest safety circuits, but also include advanced feature sets that reinforce end user safety.

The XSTE range of contactors comprises four different sizes and covers power range between 7A and 150A. They provide reliable self-monitoring machine control circuits and may be used for Emergency-stop applications with self-start.

Learn more about XTSE Safety Contactors


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