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Food processing facilities should focus on production, not valves. If a streamlined inventory, cost savings and a single purchasing source for valves, wash down equipment, safety valves, and sampling valves sounds like a winning solution for you or your customers, a call to BI-TORQ should be in your immediate future.

BI-TORQ offers a full line of stainless, brass, PVC, and carbon steel  ball valves,  including our sanitary ball valve line. We also offer cast iron butterfly valves to complement for wastewater or chemical applications. Additionally, we can offer metric valves to fit on European equipment to drastically reduce lead time, save money and keep existing piping intact. Our automation options include a full line of electric and pneumatic actuators with all the necessary automation accessories to keep a plant running.

Our safety line includes spring return "deadman" handles, lock-out kits, fusible plugs and our flagship line of FM approved thermal shut-off valves for flammable media such as alcohol tanks or simply to have shutdown protection on a faculty's diesel pumps and tanks. 

We can also help  save money buy offering custom mounting kits and retro-fit actuation packages so working valves can stay in line.

Keeping with our philosophy as a  single source supplier, we also have, as a division of Strahman Valves, a suite of wash down equipment and sampling valves to fully meet a facilities needs.

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