The Early Math Initiative was an idea that evolved from the expressed interests of our partner school districts, agencies, and the City of Aurora to create community wide professional development experience that would bring together the cross-sector of early child hood professionals, representing the wide variety of early childhood programs. This broad cross-sector includes teachers from public and parochial schools, leaders and teachers from child care agencies, and other non-profit organizations that provide learning experiences for young children including. 
SPARK's community-wide professional development approach not only focuses on strengthening teachers and caregivers skill and knowledge to engage children in research based early math curriculum and practice, but also uses this approach to address the racial and economic disparities and academic gaps noted in the KIDS Report. The Early Math Initiative ensures access and equity for all children to be engaged in quality early childhood education regardless of the type of program they are currently enrolled in.
Teachers and caregivers who participate in the Early Math Initiative will transform and align their teaching to meet the criteria identified in the Illinois Kindergarten Individual Developmental Survey (KIDS) and Illinois Early Learning Standards.
This initiative is generously funded by the Dunham Fund.