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This is the second Professional Growth and Evaluation Newsletter for the 2018-19 school year!
You've made it to December! Winter Break is just around the corner. As I think of all the work that's been done since school began in September, I'm in awe of how hard we are all working. In thinking ahead toward the break, consider how you plan to rejuvenate? What do you hope for your students during the break? How will you reconnect with family and friends over winter break so you can come back in January refreshed and renewed? Celebrate your victories over the past few months and enjoy your winter break.

The current issue of the PG&E newsletter contains dates from the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) you may be interested in knowing more about. It also contains new information concerning student perception surveys in eVAL and the Professional Growth and Educator Support System (PGES). Take a look around.
Upcoming Evaluation Timelines
IMPORTANT DATE: Dec 15, 2018
Move a Certificated employee from a Focused cycle to a Comprehensive evaluation
  • Dec 15th is the last date an evaluator may move certificated staff from a focused evaluation to a comprehensive evaluation.

  • A certificated employee may be transferred from a focused evaluation to a comprehensive cycle:

  • if the evaluator identifies areas of concern beyond the focused criterion/domain

  • if the certificated employee's performance is consistently below proficiency in that criterion/domain

  • If the reason is due to performance concerns, the evaluator must cite the components of the criterion/domain of concern, along with evidence that supports cited concerns.

  • The decision to move an employee to a Comprehensive evaluation is not grievable.

IMPORTANT DATE: Dec 21, 2018

First Formal Observation for Certificated staff on Comprehensive
  • The CBA requires the first formal observation will occur before winter break or during the first 90 calendar days of employment, whichever is later.
Upcoming Training Opportunities
Focused Criterion Training

If you are a teacher on a focused cycle , the following optional trainings were designed with you in mind. Each training will take a deeper dive into the components within each criterion and focus on how to use the focused cycle for professional growth. Two sessions will be offered for each criterion: one on the south end and one on the north end. You will receive a personal invitation via Outlook depending on your area of focus and can choose which session works best for your schedule. Clock hours (3 hours) and extra time ($38.69/hour) are available. You can sign up in ESS.
01/17/19 Criterion 1 Focused Training
Martin Luther King, Jr Library 4:30-7:30pm

01/22/19 Criterion 5 Focused Training
Laurelhurst Library, 4:30-7:30pm
01/17/19 Criterion 4 Focused Training
Loyal Heights Library 4:30-7:30pm

01/22/19 Criterion 2 Focused Training
South Location TBD, 4:30-7:30pm
eVAL modules in Schoology Access Code:

This section is for certificated classroom teachers . You will find information to support and help you manage the evaluation process in eVAL. 
Uploading Artifacts in eVAL
As you monitor progress toward your student growth goals, you may have artifacts you'd like to upload into eVAL to use as evidence in your evaluation. This video will walk you through the process of uploading evidence into eVAL. If you have a Smart Card, it can be helpful when aligning your evidence to the Danielson components.
Professional Growth and Educator Support (PGES)
The video below was created to share the story behind PAR and the PGES system in Seattle Public Schools. It was made in collaboration with SEA, SPS, and the Principals' Association of Seattle Schools (PASS). Principals and Assistant Principals were shown the video at the School Leadership Institute in August.

We hope you watch the video to learn more about the PAR and PGES system and hear from your colleagues as they share their hopes as we implement this system in SPS.
Find More Information At:

Try asking someone in your building first. Who can you ask?
  • Your principal/evaluator
  • TPEP Cadre teacher (if you have one in your building)
  • Your STAR Consulting Teacher
  • Colleagues
  • Your SEA building rep

Still stuck?
  • For assistance with eVAL, send your question(s) to
  • For assistance with TPEP or the Danielson Framework, send an email to Lindsay Berger, PGES Program Manager or Alison Bishop, TPEP PD Specialist
  • For assistance beyond your SEA building rep, contact your SEA Uniserv Rep
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