News & Updates
July - August | 2020
Working in Difficult Times
FACES counselors provide service online
FACES continues to help families
FACES has not stopped serving clients facing psychological stress and challenges during this pandemic. FACES's counselors held 600 sessions in April, 649 in May, 722 in June, and 746 in July.

FACES would like to thank Office Manager Sina Maa-Kapesi, who has been in the office every day since we closed to the public on March 16. She has anchored the office and managed the day-to-day business of our agency. She is supported by Anaid Bautista, a graduate of CSUF and former volunteer who works with new applicants and trains staff. 
FACES would also like to thank Tennille Parish, Assistant Director of Programs, who heads our Los Angeles office and FACES Programs in Orange and Los Angeles counties. Her expertise has brought new perspectives to the programs at FACES.