About District 58's New Professional Learning Model
The Downers Grove Grade School District 58 Board of Education approved the 2019-2020 school calendar during a meeting March 11, 2019. The 2019-20 calendar includes a 2 p.m. early dismissal for students in grades K-8 on Mondays to provide teachers with 1.5 hours of weekly professional development time.

In the coming weeks, we will publish a series of FAQ sheets, similar in style to this one, that will provide more information regarding District 58's new professional learning model. Please read on to learn more!
What is District 58's new professional learning model?
Next school year, District 58 will provide certified teachers with 1.5 hours of weekly professional development time . This dedicated time will help teachers implement new curriculum resources, improve their instructional practice, and better provide students with high-quality learning experiences. 

District 58 is pleased to offer its teachers this new opportunity!
Why is this important to my child's education?
There are many answers to this question, and we will focus on one specific reason with each communication. We want our curriculum to be of the highest quality, and implemented with true fidelity. District 58 has adopted new English-Language Arts (2017-18) and Science (2019) curricula, and intends to pursue new resources in Math (2020) and Social Studies (2021) . Our outstanding teachers need dedicated time to learn, implement, reflect upon and master these new resources; the hours they spend mastering the curriculum benefit our children directly. 
How will this change affect the student schedule?
Next school year, District 58 will initiate a weekly early release schedule.

Every Monday, all schools will dismiss students in kindergarten through eighth grade at 2 p.m. When a Monday holiday occurs, there will be no early dismissal for the week. 
How will this change affect after-school care and transportation?
Before recommending this shift, District 58 contacted all known transportation and childcare providers to ensure they could still provide services with the 2 p.m. Monday release.

´╗┐They all indicated they would be able to accommodate the change. District 58 buses will maintain their same routes with departure times from schools just after 2 p.m. 
How can I learn more about this new professional learning model?
Look for additional information to arrive via messages like this one! Future communications will provide further detail on the research behind this model, the specific learning opportunities for our staff, and the ways we intend to support our community through this transition . District 58 is excited to provide our teachers with this new opportunity to improve their instructional practice for the direct benefit of our District 58 students! All of this information will be cataloged on our Professional Learning webpage , which will be updated each week with new information. 
District 58's new professional learning model was conceived through the
District 58 Strategic Plan. Learn more about the Strategic Plan at .