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January 2017
Eating disorders and disordered eating can and do impact people from all walks of life, but we find them to be particularly prevalent among athletes and performers whose sports and crafts, such as gymnastics, modeling, wrestling, and acting, just to name a few examples, heavily focus on body size, weight, or shape.

This month, one of my patients, a former professional dancer who traveled the world performing, shares his story of the impact that dancing culture had on his relationships with food and his body and how he is working through these issues now that he has stepped away from the stage.

Jonah Soolman, Registered Dietitian / Co-Owner
Guest Column
Wins and Losses: Old Habits Die Hard

My director approached me and suggested I watch my diet for the next few days because I would be standing next to some of the other men. She glanced over at the skinniest performer. She didn't need to say the words, "and you are bigger than he is," as the look was enough for me to really think about what I was doing and, more importantly, why I was doing it. Read More
Featured Blog
Sh*t Tennis Ladies Say

All of these women are intelligent, well-spoken, kind-hearted people. All of these women are liberal, open-minded and generous. And nearly all of these women have either made negative comments about their own bodies, commented on others' bodies, and have engaged in any number of diets/disordered eating patterns. Read More 
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Each of us recently recorded an episode for Christy Harrison's podcast, Food Psych.

Visit the Interviews page and listen as we disregard all concerns about self-disclosure and discuss our own relationships with food, exercise, and our bodies. 
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