Under New 1983 Federal Training Standards, Busy
 In-House Attorneys Don't Qualify As Social Media Law Experts That Can Give Employees Specialized
Social Media Liability Training...
To Help Fill This Costly Gap, In-House Attorneys And HR Are Using My Powerful New Online Social Media Liability Course That Gives All Employees...
  • New skills to create a legal shield around all posts, tweets, and texts.

  • The online course gives your school district proof in a lawsuit that all employees received outside expert social media liability training.
“Social Media Attorney Fiedelholtz is an outstanding presenter and the administrators left the training with the knowledge they need to participate safely in the new world of social media. This course is
highly recommended."

- Robert Dodig, Staff Attorney
Lee County School District, FL
A Revolutionary New Training Approach
An attorney and PR staff can't monitor every "real time" post or tweet from a personal device. All employees now have the broadcasting power on social media To permanently destroy a person's reputation worldwide. Courts rule that the need for outside social media liability training is obvious.
I Switch The Training Focus From General Employment Law Warnings To More Specialized Social Media Law Strategies That Create Legally Smart Social Media Broadcasters.
- All employees learn my "Red Flag System" that gives them new skills to identify and eliminate high liability speech that triggers lawsuits.

- Employees learn to shatter the myths about "Free Speech", defamation, privacy, and hidden liabilities in the new social media speech laws.
Here Are The Legal Issues That Drive The Urgency Of This Powerful Online Course.
Legal Warning

Under 42 U.S.C. 1983, courts hold professional development, HR, and other decision makers personally liable for refusing to have an outside social media law attorney train all employees on the new social media liabilities. You knew or should have known that your busy in-house attorney wouldn't qualify in court as a social media law expert. The need for expert training is obvious.

See 42 U.S.C.. 1983, Canton, Ohio v. Harris 489 U.S. 378 (1989)
All These Districts Settled Because They Had Hidden Policy Gaps And No Proof That An Outside Social Media Law Attorney Delivered Social Media Liability Training To All Employees, Not Just The PIO Or Social Media Team.
Insurance Is Not A Substitute For Expert Training
Many insurance companies view social media mistakes as "intentional acts", not accidental and deny coverage. Even if the claim is covered, premiums will dramatically increase.
The U.S. Supreme Court Classifies Social Media As A "High Risk" Broadcasting Platform...
Every district employee has the broadcasting power to send messages on a personal device without oversight (attorneys or PR staff), and can permanently destroy a person's reputation. The need for outside expert training for all employees, not just the PR staff or social media team is obvious.
New Federal 1983 Training Standards Now Require That You Prove That Your Social Media Law Instructor Is A Qualified Expert...
meter level expert 3d rendering
Courts Reject...
  • Busy in-house attorneys giving general warnings or a handing out a boilerplate policy doesn't qualify as adequate training.

  • PIOs can't do any social media training unless they have a social media law expert discuss the liabilities of specific platforms.

  • Attending a few seminars and conducting a Google Search doesn't qualify you as a social media law expert.
"Attorney Fiedelholtz is extremely knowledgeable. He presented the information in a thorough, detailed, yet easy-to-understand format. This is very important information that all employees need to know."

- Dr. James Surrency, Superintendent
Putnam County School District, FL

In A Lawsuit, A Comparison Table Is Used To Prove That Your Instructor Wasn't A Social Media Law Expert...
Another Legal Strategy To Poke Holes In Your Training, Is To Ask Questions In A Deposition That Test Your Social Media Law Competency...
If your employees can't pass this basic 5 question social media law test, they are considered incompetent to use social media, texting, and email without liability.
"In Mark's class, I not only learned how much I didn't know,
but was amazed to find out what I did know was wrong."

- Louis Carnell, Administrator, Tampa, FL
Eye-Opening Video And Podcast...
Legal Authority That Establishes Social Media
As A High Risk Communication Medium

Legal Authority That Classifies Social Media As a "High Risk' Specialize Legal Topic
Social Media and Smartphones Are High Risk Platforms: Packingham v. North Carolina 137 S. Ct. 1730 (2017), Riley v. California 134 S. Ct. 2473 (2014), Elonis v. U.S. 135 S. Ct. 2001 (2015), Privacy Issues: 1st,,4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, City of Ontario, California v. Quon 130 S. Ct. 2619 (2010), Unprotected Opinions: Milkovich v. Lorain Journal Company, 497 U.S. 1 (1990), Obvious Need For Expert Training Standards: 42 U.S. 1983, City of Canton, Ohio v. Harris 489 U.S. 378 (1989), Monell v. Department of Social Services, 436 U.S. 658 (1978). Affirmative Defense Standards In Harassment Cases: Faragher v. City of Boca Raton, 524 U.S. 775 (1998),
Burlington Industries Inc. v. Ellerth, 524 U.S. 742(1998). Policy Guidelines:
Liverman V. City of Petersburg 484 F.3d 400 (2016)
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For $9 Per Person And A One-Time Portal Set-Up Fee Of $297, You Can Train All District Employees Without Depleting Your Training Budget...
Here's How My Online Course Works...
  • They have one year to finish the course
  • They finish 7 modules on their schedule
  • They work at their own pace, no stress
  • They have 24/7 access from any device
  • They receive legal updates all year
  • They receive a course certificate
  • Q&A sessions during the year
Special Limited Pricing

$9 Per Person
$297 One-Time District Portal Set-Up Fee
Call 954-748-7698 For Our Affordable Group Rate
(No minimum, no maximum)
“It is with high regard that this recommendation is being made. Mark has earned the respect of hundreds of administrators in instructional personnel throughout our school system. His presentations are no-nonsense, practical, and vital in today's social media world. I would encourage any and all educators to use this specialized training."

- Beverly Haskins, Fmr. Director Professional Development
Lake County School District, Florida
"Mark, I have over 30 years in education. Your expert strategies were completely new and definitely worth my money and time."

- Earl Taylor, Onslow Schools, Jacksonville, NC
“Mark, the members at our New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association rated your presentation as excellent, and terrific."

- Marcia N. Friedman, New Jersey Principals
and Supervisors Association
You Need A Top Social Media Attorney To Close Hidden Policy Gaps And Make Sure You Comply With
The New Federal Social Media Policy Standards...
Case In Point
Social Media Attorney Fiedelholtz Updates Your Social Media Policy To Comply With The New Federal Laws
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