Last day to register for the first of the four-part webinar series is Wednesday, March 6
Webinar dates: March 7, March 27, April 17, May 1
Cost: $100 EDCO Member; $125 Non-Member (plus HST)

Artificial Intelligence…Automation…Blockchain…Drones…Robotics…The Internet of Things. These technologies are—individually and collectively—reshaping our world and fundamentally altering the global economy and private-sector firms operating within it. This four-part “lunch and learn” webinar series will examine major global technology trends are impacting our world, economies and private-sector. These technologies will be examined in detail—where they are today…and where they are going. These technology trends will be dissected against the backdrop of real-world economic development realities and scenarios. Learn more

Registration deadline: March 19, 2019
Cost: $25 EDCO Member; $35 Non-Member (plus HST)

Small and medium-sized brick and mortar retailers work hard to compete in an increasingly digital marketplace. Offering critical community data and market intelligence can make the difference between thriving shops and shuttered storefronts. This webinar will focus on five specific data-driven strategies to support retailers in your location. Learn more