Professor Gregory Slayton Addresses 
National University of Singapore Faculty

Dean of NUS Business School,  Professor Bernard Yeung,
Professor Gregory Slayton & NUS Faculty Members
US/China Relations Going Forward: Implications for ASEAN
SINGAPORE, SEPTEMBER 18, 2017 - Today at a lunchtime keynote speech, the Honorable Gregory W. Slayton spoke to a group of faculty members from the NUS Business School on the future of US/China relations and its implications for ASEAN. His speech was followed by an extended question and answer session on subjects ranging from the situation in North Korea, risks posed by its growing nuclear program, to the prospects of a multinational free-trade agreement between the US and ASEAN.

"It was an honor to have an 'old Asian hand' like Professor Slayton address our faculty today," mentioned the Dean of the NUS Business School, Professor Bernard Yeung. "He has a unique perspective on US/China/ASEAN relations having spent so much of the past 30 years in East Asia, but also understanding the inner workings of Washington and Beijing as well as he does. We deeply appreciated both his insights and his willingness to discuss alternate perspectives and answer detailed questions from our faculty," concluded Professor Yeung.

Professor Slayton said: "The National University of Singapore is one of the finest universities in Asia. It is an honour to address and interact with its distinguished faculty on such an important subject today. It is clear that the 10 nations of ASEAN are looking to strengthen their partnerships with the US on a host of fronts. I thank Dean Yeung and his fellow faculty members for an excellent discussion on a wide range of key issues. I'm looking forward to returning to NUS to continue this discussion."
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