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I will get straight to it in this newsletter as I want to feature two outstanding artists, Sarah Burgess and Julia Triston. Julia has already taught a successful course at Moor Hall back in February of this year but is returning so to speak to do an ON-LINE COURSE from her home in Denmark.

Let us be reminded first of Sarah's course in the first week of May.

3/4/5 May
'Chasing more Shadows'
Sarah has been teaching at Moor Hall for several years now and always delivers exciting workshops. She also produces amazing work herself and some of this can be viewed on her WEBSITE .
The course that Sarah is offering at Moor Hall next month focusses on reflections and I know that it will be a brilliant course, which I plan to be doing myself!!!!! This is how she describes it:

" Fleeting images, reflections and constantly shifting shadows are our starting points. We will work with the student’s own imagery; such as plant and tree forms, reflections and shadows on water or man-made structures, as our design starting points."
That already stimulates the imagination, doesn't it? She goes on to say:

"Participants will create and record their own disrupted surfaces and experimental shadows, following a series of structured exercises. Working with a range of opaque and semi-transparent papers and materials we will use mono-type printing to explore positive and negative prints, after- images and layering. We will investigate stitch both as a printing surface and in experimental shadow work using hand or machine stitch as preferred. Participants will have the opportunity to produce a range of highly individual and atmospheric pieces culminating in more resolved personal work supported by discussion and individual tutorials." 


6/7/8 May
Lacebook, an on-line course
Despite the problems with the floods, it was great fun when Julia came to teach at Moor Hall in February. We also learnt a great deal from her in the studio, and this course that she will be teaching on-line, will I am sure, be full of new experiences.

Julia will be taking 'lace' as the inspiration on this course and this is what she has to say about the workshop.

"You will study and draw the patterns and textures of lace, then develop printed and collaged surfaces from your drawings. You will experiment with piercing and cutting into paper and fabric to create lacy surfaces. Using different materials and media, you will explore a variety of textile and stitch techniques to create patterned, raised and textured samples which may be stitched into by hand or machine.

Your samples will be collated in a small sketchbook, which will be a work of art in its own right. Some of these samples will be stitched or printed ‘sketches’, which may form ideas for future work, whilst others may be more resolved and completed delicate, mini artworks.
This is an on-line course with an introductory session on Friday 6th May at 5.00pm for approximately an hour, and two full days on the 7th and 8th May 2022.

Please HERE if you wish to find out more or book on this course

6/7 April
Box Making
We had such a fun 2 days with Margaret, working flat out to complete a sample of foundation pieced patchwork and used the skills learnt to carry out a second smaller piece of foundation piece patchwork which we incorporated into the lid of the hand made box. It was heads down all the way.......a really fabulous course. Thank you Margaret.
Samples of foundation pieced patchwork

Covering card with fabric, ready to construct the box
Inner layer of the box
Making the box
Some finished boxes with foundation pieced patchwork lids

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