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Jorien Wuite: with a bold move to the Dutch Parliament

PHILIPSBURG - Earlier this year, former Minister Plenipotentiary Jorien Wuite became a member of the Dutch political party D66. Now she is the number 19 (out of 65) on the party's so-called advice-list of candidates for the parliamentary...

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No liquidity support yet but talks have finally started...

THE HAGUE / PHILIPSBURG - St. Maarten's needs 61.2 million guilders in liquidity support until the end of 2020 but the government will not get this money yet because it does not meet the requirements for the second tranche of liquidity support...

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What's on the Menu Today?

Whatsapp us via +1-721-588-0800 to get the latest menus from our selection of daily chefs and caterers delivering delicious dishes of food to your door. Here is our pick for today: KREATIVE JUICES CATERING ▪︎*▪︎ Lunch for Delivery Monday, Nov 16.

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SHTA sounds the alarm and supports Caribbean Reform Entity

A review of the open letter of the SHTA to the Prime Minister of St. Maarten ~ PHILIPSBURG - That St. Maarten is in dire financial straits does not need further explanation. The COVID-19 pandemic has killed the local economy and ...

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Central Bank announces introduction of Caribbean Guilder

A review of the 2020 Budget of the Central Bank of Curacao & St. Maarten ~ PHILIPSBURG - If it is up to the Central Bank of Curacao and St. Maarten, then the Antillean guilders will disappear in 2021 and be replaced by the...

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Wever, STM donate hand sanitizers to Catholic Board

PHILIPSBURG - Former Minister Christopher Wever and Stanley Lint of STM Shipping on Friday donated 1,100 12oz bottles of hand sanitizers to the Catholic School board. Also donated was a 55-gallon drum in order to refill the bottles. The donation...

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"Without regard to persons," they claim.

By A Contributor ~ The predominantly Dutch European Judiciary and Public Prosecution Service consistently claim that adjudication and prosecution takes place without regard to persons ('zonder aanziens des persoon'). However, has the proclaimed...

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Curaçao implements Tighter Covid-prevention Measures

12SharesWillemstad- Curaçao will be implementing stricter measures now that the total number of active Covid cases has crossed the number of 400. Among them are many employees in the CMC hospital. This has consequences for regular care, as all...

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A Back to School Message from the Ministry of Justice...

As our students are being welcomed back to their respective school premises today, Monday, November 16th, 2020, the Ministry of Justice is placing certain measures into effect for the overall benefit and protection of the community at large,...

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Take the survey: Online Shopping, is St. Maarten ready?

PHILIPSBURG - On behalf of one of our local business partners, we are asking our readers to take the following online survey to determine the interest in 'Online Shopping' on St. Maarten. Survey: The...

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KPSM called in to rule out foul play ...

PHILIPSBURG - Police patrols were directed to two cases over the last few days to investigate an attempted suicide and a suicide incident that took place during the course of the week. On Monday, November 9th, a man attempted to take his own life ...

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'Nog jaren NL-geld nodig'

CBCS: Realiteit is dat Curaçao leningen over twee jaar niet kan aflossen Van een onzer verslaggevers Willemstad - Het Land Curaçao heeft de afgelopen maanden al een paar honderd miljoen aan liquiditeitssteun van Nederland ontvangen, maar dat is...

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Aruba en Nederland akkoord over steun: hoeveel hulp...

ORANJESTAD - Aruba en Nederland hebben na vier maanden onderhandeling een politiek akkoord getekend over de Nederlandse miljoenensteun aan het eiland. Maar hoeveel het eiland gaat krijgen, blijft afhankelijk van hoe snel Aruba de hervormingen...

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Curaçao verscherpt maatregelen; extra medische hulp nodig

WILLEMSTAD - Het aantal actieve coronabesmettingen op Curaçao is gestegen naar 410. Acht mensen liggen in het ziekenhuis, waarvan drie op de intensive care (IC). Curaçao heeft daarom zondag de maatregelen aangescherpt. Vanaf maandag geldt een...

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PCN rondt aankoop Scout's Place op Saba af

Van onze correspondent The Bottom - Stichting Pensioenfonds Caribisch Nederland (PCN) heeft de aankoop van Scout's Place op Saba afgerond. Met deze aankoop realiseert het fonds zijn tweede investering op Saba binnen enkele maanden. De acquisitie...

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Klacht tegen 'uitmelken'

Ftac aangeschreven over 'prijsafspraken en misbruik' door KLM en TUI fly Van een onzer verslaggevers Willemstad - De Fair Trade Authority Curaçao (Ftac), de lokale mededingingsautoriteit ofwel concurrentiewaakhond, heeft een klacht ontvangen over ...

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KONINKRIJK OP EIEREN - Download uw eboek hier

REFLECTIES OP 10 JAAR 10-10-10 Het op 10 oktober 2010 tegelijkertijd opheffen van het land Nederlandse Antillen, het stichten van de nieuwe landen Curaçao en Sint Maarten en Bonaire, Sint Eustatius en Saba tot bijzondere gemeenten van...

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World Diabetes Day 2020: The Nurse and Diabetes

World Diabetes Day, marked every year on November 14 was created in response to growing concerns about the escalating health threat posed by diabetes. The theme for World Diabetes Day 2020 is The Nurse and Diabetes. Nurses are vital in the fight...

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November 17 is the deadline for applying for a fireworks

Those who are interested in importing, transporting, selling, or having a firework show at year-end needs to apply at the Fire Department at least six weeks before the activity. Those interested in applying for a Fireworks license for this year's ...

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Friday's Quake a Reminder to be Earthquake/Tsunami Ready

National Disaster Coordinator/Fire Chief Clive Richardson said on Sunday, that Friday's, November 13th earthquake with a magnitude of 4.7 at 4.35pm, is a stark reminder that members of the community have to be earthquake/tsunami ready. According...

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Happy Statia Day 2020

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius - Come out strong to celebrate the Flag in the 2020 Statia Day Motorcade. The motorcade is organized by ICS Statia. Start gathering at the Sandy Road and GvP School at approximately 3.30 pm so that the motorcade...

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Ministers to give corona update on Tuesday

The extra coronavirus restrictions introduced on November 4 are expected to be lifted as planned this week despite the fall in cases slowing down in recent days. Prime minister Mark Rutte and health minister Hugo de Jonge will give an update on...

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Cabinet sets up coronavirus fund for schools

The education ministry is freeing up an extra €210m for schools struggling with problems caused by the coronavirus crisis, such as lack of teaching and support staff. The money, which will become available from next year, is meant to alleviate...

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Dutch armed forces collected info about domestic groups

The Dutch armed forces have been collecting information and data about Dutch society on a major scale since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the NRC said on Monday. The information gathering has also focused on groups such as the 'yellow...

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US agents used Danish network to spy on NL internet traffic

The US National Security Agency spied on internet traffic in allied nations including the Netherlands from an island in Denmark, a Danish broadcaster has claimed. American agents were able to use a cable network set up in 2008 in conjunction with ...

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