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Available Now: Science for Communities Workshop Program

A program is available now for the Science for Communities Workshop, convened by the Delta Stewardship Council, on October 6 from 3:00-7:00 PM at Big Break Visitor Center at the Delta (69 Big Break Road, Oakley, CA 94561). It details the plenary presentation by Council Chair Virginia Madueño, panel discussions with scientists and community organizations and members, opportunities to learn about and provide input on an ongoing environmental justice initiative, as well as a tour of the grounds, and a meet and greet networking event for in-person attendees.

This hybrid workshop aims to foster opportunities for scientists to contribute to communities and communities to contribute to science. The goal is to boost the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta community’s awareness of and access to environmental data and technical tools.

Attendance is open to the public and free with registrationSpace is limited. In-person attendance will be determined on a first-come, first-served basis.

A bridge in the Delta

“Strong relationships between scientists and communities are foundational to advancing the coequal goals for the Delta. At the Delta Stewardship Council, we’re proud to announce a new Science for Communities Workshop to provide a venue to develop these relationships,” wrote Senior Environmental Scientist Cory Copeland in his blog “Building Bridges for Science with Communities.“

Stakeholder meeting.

One of the presentations at this workshop will focus on environmental justice issues. “One of the main objectives of our Environmental Justice initiative is to build a network of community leaders and organizations that can inform how the Council does business more equitably,” wrote Senior Environmental Planner Morgan Chow in her blog “Environmental Justice Work Starts with Relationships.”

Environmental data about the Delta is voluminous and multi-faceted, making access for communities difficult. Likewise, many scientists who want to help communities lack relationships within communities. This workshop will connect communities and scientists to gain a better understanding of each other’s needs. Learn more in this information sheet.

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