FIRST Newsletter | August 2021

31-Aug-2022 | Issue 21 |

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2022 Plot Reports

The FIRST team met in July to discuss program developments together, prepare for the 2022 harvest, and begin plans for the 2023 season.

Most of the managers thought plots were holding steady, meeting expectations according to local weather through the end of July. It's been dry in Kansas and southern Nebraska, causing concern for manager Adam Stuteville. The Missouri corn crop will be affected by drought conditions, though soybeans seem to be doing well.  

FIRST 2022 Summer Meeting

Above - Corey Rozenboom, North Iowa FIRST, presents his experiences in field research to the FIRST manager group, July, 2022.

Reminder: FIRST posts about new Harvest Reports on Twitter
2022 Greentop MO soybeans

Above -- Greentop, MO 2022 soybean trial, July 15, 2022. Photo courtesy of Bill Schelp, FIRST M.S.R.

We are grateful to report only a few lost plots, besides those not planted, as of this newsletter. A soybean plot in Ohio was lost to off-target herbicide, another in the Red River Valley, MN had drift damage, and the New Franklin, MO soybean trial was lost to poor emergence.

FIRST managers are busy tuning up harvest equipment. Manager Bill Schelp anticipates harvest beginning the second week of September. Rob Kauffman in Pennsylvania should be cutting silage as well.

We look forward to sharing harvest results with you. FIRST strives to bring yield performance information to the public within 2 days of harvest.

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NEW! 2022 FIRST Program Guide is available

The 2022 FIRST Program Guide is available online at The guide provides an overview of testing this year. The format for Products Tested is new this year, with searchable, sortable tables online for Corn Grain, Soybeans, and Silage Corn. You can filter products by maturity, or brand, or narrow down the list by searching FIRST region abbreviation, e.g. ILNO - Illinois North region.  Don't miss Product Reporlinks for highlighted products that had Top 30 regional performances in 2021, and are back in the tests in 2022.

2022 FIRST Program Guide

Corn Grain Directory PDF

Soybean Directory PDF

Corn Silage Directory PDF

Check FIRST's line up to view trial results

The most popular way to hear about FIRST results continues to be email notification. Email notifications include direct links to FIRST's Harvest Reports and Region Summaries. You can sign up for email about new reports by creating an account or using the quick signup.  Anyone receiving notifications can customize when you receive an email specifically for crops, states, and maturities of interest: sign in to your existing account, and adjust Notification Preferences in the account area.  

FIRST View Trials Line Up

"FIRST allows me to compare certain hybrids across all types of geographies, soil types, and varying weather conditions. It's nice to compare and see at the end of the season how consistent or inconsistent hybrids are, as well as consistency year to year."

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