May 2018

Q1 2018 Top Service Providers Announced
Pepco and Delmarva Power congratulate Evolved Environmental Energy and Con Edison Solutions for being the Q1 2018 top energy Service Providers!
Evolved Environmental Energy is an energy and environmental services consulting and contracting firm that offers a variety of energy efficiency services and products.
The company completed three applications, highlighted by a major LED lighting project for the Bayshore Corporation in Cambridge, MD. As a result, Evolved Environmental Energy helped their Delmarva Power customers save over 1.5 million kWh per year.
Con Edison Solutions is an Energy Services Company (ESCO) that provides a multi-disciplinary approach to sustainable building and energy infrastructure solutions.
The company completed one application, a major interior and exterior LED lighting and lighting controls project for a United States Postal Service site in Capitol Heights. As a result, Con Edison Solutions helped their Pepco customers save over 2 million kWh per year.
A quarter of the way through the year, Pepco has met 17% of its 2018 savings target and Delmarva Power is at 27% of its goal. Keep submitting projects to maximize your savings and help us reach our goals.
Technology—Tunable LED Lighting
When your customers look to upgrade their business lighting solutions, make sure to mention one of the biggest trends in commercial lighting today: tunable LED lighting. 
LED luminaries that deliver a full array of light color have been around since the early days of LEDs. The channels in a tunable white system all produce white light, but with varying color temperatures, from warm to cool. However, two factors have led to its recent resurgence: (1) improved functionality, which has expanded the range of its potential applications, and (2) compiled research that has shed light on how tunable lighting can provide a range of benefits to a variety of sectors, including schools and educational institutions. 
Best of all, the versatility provided by tunable LEDs allows users to benefit both visually and psychologically, giving business owners the ability to replicate various scenarios from early morning to late afternoon—all without having to order several different-colored LEDs. These tunable LEDs offer the same reduced energy output and reduced costs associated with LEDs.
For more information regarding tunable LED lighting, please contact Jocelyn Grauer at or 667-786-6314.
Upcoming Events
Learn new ways to grow your business and help customers save on energy costs by participating in our webinars.
LightFair (Chicago, IL)
May 6–10, 2018
Join us at the world's largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference. Visit nearly 600 exhibitors and hear keynotes on lighting in digital animation and on design concepts for natural and built environments. 
Sector Highlight: Education
Adopting a strategic approach to energy management–including making energy-efficient upgrades to lighting, HVAC and commercial kitchen equipment–can help your educational customers reduce operating and maintenance costs, reduce environmental impacts and lower energy bills by at least 30%.*
These savings go straight to your customers' bottom line, with many upgrades paying back the customers' investment in less than three to five years. Additionally, energy efficiency solutions developed by Pepco and Delmarva Power can significantly improve lighting and indoor air quality while also extending equipment life. The result is a healthier, more comfortable environment that promotes the ongoing education and mental and physical well-being of students and staff.
Plus, Pepco offers incentives for qualifying energy-efficient upgrades, such as:
  • HVAC Tune-Ups: Heating and cooling typically account for about 30% of an educational facility’s energy consumption.**

  • Lighting Fixtures and Controls: Lighting typically accounts for 31% of an educational facility’s energy use. Proper lighting is essential in classrooms, libraries, dormitories and anywhere students congregate or study.**

  • Specialized Controls: Installing smart power strips can help eliminate “phantom” electric loads from computers and classroom equipment, saving up to 5% of a school’s plug load. And adding occupancy controls to beverage and snack vending machines can reduce related energy consumption by 10% or more.**
Additional opportunities for incentives include Operations and Maintenance Training incentives and the Maryland Clean Energy Capital Program, which offers funding for energy efficiency projects at Maryland universities, hospitals and schools. Technical support and incentives are also offered to owners and design teams for new construction, major renovation and building addition projects.
For more information regarding incentives for educational facilities, please email or call 1-866-353-5798.

* Source: ENERGY STAR ®
** Source: ESOURCE ®
Customer Highlight: Washington College
Located on Maryland's Eastern Shore, Washington College owns the distinction of being the first college chartered in America after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. While the school is steeped in history, many of its lighting fixtures are now firmly entrenched in the 21st century.
Thanks to the efforts of The Efficiency Network (TEN), an energy services company headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, the college recently completed two retrofit, holistic Existing Buildings Prescriptive Lighting projects that have helped it reduce its carbon footprint and lower its monthly energy costs. 
The first, and larger, project encompassed many of the college's academic, athletic, faculty and facilities buildings, as well as campus-wide areas and walkways. Interior fluorescent, incandescent, halogen, metal halide (MH) and High Pressure Sodium (HPS) wall packs were replaced with LED lighting, as were exterior MH and HPS wall packs, down lights and pole lights. The change was dramatic, not only financially but also in student safety and the overall appearance of the campus at night.
The second project focused on interior lighting in dormitories. Interior fluorescent, incandescent and halogen equipment was replaced with LED lighting in dorm rooms, bathrooms, lounges, laundries, hallways and other common areas. Students and facilities staff applauded the change.
The projects provide students and faculty with higher-quality lighting that delivers substantial environmental benefits. Best yet, TEN helped secure more than $180,000 combined in rebates for both projects through Pepco, which has allowed the administration to next consider retrofitting the exterior field lighting in its stadium.
Program Highlight: Business Instant Discount Program
Pepco and Delmarva Power have partnered with participating local distributors to launch our new Business Instant Discount Program, a fast and easy way for you to help your business customers become more energy efficient.
The program—available on equipment installed onsite at any Pepco or Delmarva Power business customer—provides you with instant discounts on high-performance, long-lasting energy-efficient lamps, including reduced wattage fluorescents, LED integral replacement lamps and LED recessed trim kits.
Products are made available to you for as little as 25¢ after incentives. Your customers will enjoy not only a superior lighting product but also monthly savings on their utility bills.
Best of all, taking advantage of the program is simple:
  • Visit a participating distributor and ask for your Business Instant Discount
  • Submit your customer's basic contact information and installation address
  • See your discount automatically applied to the purchase price
No forms, worksheets or utility bills are required. Your sales representative will help you select qualifying equipment that is right for your customer, take care of verifying your customer's eligibility and confirm receipt of the indicated equipment.
For more information and a list of participating distributors:
Technical Bulletin: Using Drones for Safe and Effective Site Inspections
Drones are quickly becoming an accepted way to perform workplace inspections, especially when individual access to spaces—such as on rooftops with no hatch access or areas that are wet, muddy or where ladders cannot be used—is unsafe. Drones can also inspect work areas quickly and effectively.

Read the full Technical Bulletin to learn about the benefits and which Federal Aviation Administration guidelines you need to follow before taking flight.
Service Provider Licensing and Insurance Requirements
All service providers applying for incentives through the Existing Building or Custom Programs are now required to submit a service provider application and receive approval before submitting a new incentive application.
Service providers must include licensing and insurance information in their application.
Start your service provider application here:
Additional enhancements and updates will be announced throughout the year.