May 2018
Wisconsin Promise Program Outcomes
Families and Youth
With the Wisconsin Promise program is in its fifth and final year, Promise Services end September 30, 2018, we are taking a look at how Promise teen participants and their families have changed since enrolling in the program.
The aim of Promise is to increase the education, employment, and financial outcomes of teenagers with disabilities, specifically those receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and their family members.
Since enrollment, the employment rates and wages of Promise youth and family members have increased. Youth and family participation in Wisconsin Promise services such as benefits counseling, financial coaching, saving, family and self-advocacy, social skills training, and health promotion are related to higher employment outcomes.

Find out more by downloading our Wisconsin Promise Outcomes Report
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As a Promise participant, you’ve set work and school goals that will create a better future for yourself and your family. You’ve worked hard with Promise through challenges. You’ve made new connections, learned about resources, and made progress toward your goals. You’ve celebrated successes, big and small.
You are Promise! Share your journey and achievements with us and others!  Your experiences can inspire others to take steps to create better futures for themselves and their families. Join other Promise youth and family members as they celebrate and share their Promise experience.
Use the hashtag #IAmPromise on Facebook and Twitter:
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  • Share your story – add the hashtag #IAmPromise
  • Connect with other Promise youth and families – search #IAmPromise
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If you don’t use social media, or have questions, let us know. We’ll get you started!

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Ellie's Updates
Do you have a Promise Story? Tell us how Promise has impacted you!
Check out the Promise Services Summary and find out how Promise is helping Wisconsin Promise Youth and Families. The more impact we can have with more youth and their family members, the more we will be able to demonstrate how Wisconsin Promise Services and Supports can help to increase participants’ education, employment, and financial self-sufficiency.
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Promise Services
All of these services are offered to you through Promise. We have a team of people ready to help you and your family achieve your work and learning goals. Find out more about these services and get started by contacting your DVR counselor.
Community Forums
Employing Young Adults with Barriers:
Finding Workforce Solutions
Business's have workforce needs and young adults with disabilities and other barriers have the skills and the desire to work. Join the discussion to help identify how to make these connections.

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