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Product ID Update for Cultivators and Processors
We would like to remind MMCP licensees that the Product ID Assignment functionality is now available in METRC. All medical marijuana must have an assigned Product ID to be accepted by a dispensary. This applies to each medical marijuana strain and medical marijuana form and dose. The assignment of a Product ID is to ensure that only products in compliance with MMCP regulations are available to patients and their caregivers.

To assist users with this process, the State Board of Pharmacy and the Department of Commerce issued updated reference materials on the Program Licensee Resources page. This message provides a brief overview of each of these materials and the link to the individual documents on the Licensee Resources page .

  1. Plant Material Days’ Supply Reference: This one-page reference is a quick reference to confirm the number of days dispensed for Tier I and Tier II Plant Material based on the allowable increments in which a product may be packaged. The guide covers both the standard 90-day supply and the terminal exception. 
  2.  Product ID Submission FAQs: This updated from set of FAQs includes additional questions submitted after the Product ID webinar and after users started applying for Product IDs. Included FAQs are examples of compliant and non-compliant submissions to assist users.
  3. Product ID Submission Guidance Document: This is a step-by-step user guide with instructions for submitting (and remediating) Product IDs submitted for assignment.
  4.  Product ID Submission Checklist: This checklist will be used by MMCP staff to ensure compliance with the applicable rules when reviewing Product ID submissions.

For further information on the applicable rules relating to Product ID Assignment, please refer to   Ohio Administrative Code 3796:8-2-01 O.A.C. 3796:8-2-04 O.A.C. 3796:8-2-05 O.A.C. 3796:8-2-06 , and  O.A.C. 3796:8-3-01

Please contact  MMCP-ProductID@pharmacy.ohio.gov  i f you have any questions or need additional information.