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In this edition of the newsletter we,

  • report on a superbly delivered Faust and Jung program
  • offer a reminder of the truly unique opportunity to hear James Hollis present a program on “Necessary Fictions”
  • invite you to a most remarkable program in April
  • and enlist a little help from you with a 5 question survey.

A Note About Faust And Jung

The presentation by JACO members Terry Malinowski and Sandy Pfening on the profound influence of Faust on Jung was sterling. It was well attended and immensely well-received, with much praise. Terry and Sandy spoke to each of the Faust scenes depicted in JACO’s virtual art gallery – Faust in Stone, a collection of Faust cameos from the Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art in Chicago and featured in a book by Bruce McKay. You will be intrigued to visit the virtual art exhibit. Just click here. It is exquisite. The exhibit includes references from Edward Edinger’s book, “Goethe’s Faust: Notes for a Jungian Commentary.”



Zoom Lecture Presented by James Hollis, Ph.D.

Dr. James Hollis

Friday March 3

7 PM – 8:30 PM

CEUs are available. To register click here.

We are creatures who need to understand, at any cost. And so we “story” our experiences, and those stories, provisional, localized, and often created at an early stage of our history, become defining narratives. The disarray of our histories nevertheless can be a powerful clue to the “meta-stories” to which we have been in service for many years. Therapy can be understood as the identification of and critical analysis of our operative or “meta- stories.” Until these “narrative interpretations” can be smoked out, we remain their captive. In a series of questions, we will be invited to examine the stories we have been serving, and then engage stories that honor what wants to unfold from within us.

1. Learn why we create "stories" to explain our lives, and then get trapped by our stories.

2. Differentiate the "story" of the complex from a "meta-story" that governs a client's life.

3. Support the growth of a "story" larger than those generated by the client's necessary defensive narratives.

James Hollis received a doctorate in literature from New Jersey’s prestigious Drew University and taught humanities for 26 years in various colleges and universities. In 1977, he went to Zürich, Switzerland, to enter training at the C.G. Jung Institute where he earned his Diploma in Analytical Psychology in 1982.

He is presently a licensed Jungian analyst in private practice in Washington, D.C. He served as Executive Director of the C.G. Jung Educational Center of Houston for many years and is now the Executive Director of the Jung Society of Washington.

Dr. Hollis is a retired Senior Training Analyst for the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts, was a co-founder and first Director of Training of the Philadelphia Jung Institute, and is Vice President Emeritus of the Philemon Foundation, a group of scholars, board members, and donors who share the mandate to prepare the unpublished works of C.G. Jung.

He is the author of fifteen books and over fifty articles and has mentored Jung societies on four continents for nearly forty years.


Dark Religion and Conspiracy Theories

Vladislav Solc

Saturday April 29

9 AM – 1:30 PM

This program will be presented in person at First Community – Location: 1320 Cambridge Blvd., Columbus, Ohio 43212

It will also be streamed

CEUs are available

To register click here

Conspiracy theories have been gradually occupying larger domains of cultural and political life. This presentation will take a symbolic perspective and offer a non-dismissive understanding of the reasons for strong adherence to conspiracy theories. Solc uses the term “dark religion” to describe all forms of fanatical, radical and extreme religions. His research shows how dark religion leads to profound conflicts on both the personal and cultural level—including terrorism and wars. surveys the vast contemporary cultural and religious landscapes. In this program he will discuss different psychological phenomena and dynamics underlying religious extremism and fundamentalism; show how the Self influences the way one holds onto a radical creed; introduce some mythological and clinical parallels, and explore our own feelings when confronted with Dark religion.

Vlado Šolc is a psychotherapist and Jungian Analyst practicing in Glendale, WI. Vlado received training from C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago and Charles University in Prague. Vlado is an active member of IAAP and Aurora Medical Group. Vlado focuses on psycho-spiritual crisis (loss of life’s meaning and direction), mind-body connection (psychosomatic issues), immigration & cultural issues, and women empowerment (emancipation). His specialties also include treatment of addictions, individual and marital psychotherapy with adult, and youth populations. Vlado lives in constant awe about the miracle of existence. Vlado has presented in North America, Asia and Europe. He is an author of numerous articles and depth psychology-oriented books: Psyche, Matrix, Reality; The Father Archetype, In the Name of God – Fanaticism from Perspective of Depth Psychology, Dark Religion, Individuation and Democracy in the Time of Conspiracy Theories.

Participants will learn:

  • The psychological phenomena and dynamics underlying dark religion and conspiracism.
  • The definition of the ego and the Self as used in Jungian theory.
  • How the Self, namely non-credible representations of numinous energies, influences the way ego holds onto the dark religion & conspiracy theories.
  • What constitutes that adherence to be considered excessive, unhealthy.
  • The mythological and clinical parallels of the phenomena.
  • How to identify the difference between spirituality and Dark religion.
  • Where conspiracism and creed overlap.
  • The basic idea of numinosum in Jungian psychology.
  • The phenomena of identification, inflation, possession, and split-off.


Jungian analyst Janice Bachman recently offered a seminar on dreams that was very well received. Much interest was expressed and the JACO programming committee would like to support additional dream work sessions. However, we first need to learn more about the Jungian community’s experience with dream work. Thank you for answering 5 questions in a short survey. This will be very helpful to us in planning. Thank you. Click here to complete the brief questionnaire.

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