The Bargaining Team came into bargaining this morning to a wonderful breakfast provided by members of the Bargaining Support Team.  Your supportive emails, texts, and social media posts are very appreciated! 

Your KEA Bargaining Team put forth another proposal this morning and after about two and a half hours, the district team requested some additional time to formulate their next proposal. Therefore, the KEA Bargaining Team will be resting up and preparing for another all-nighter. 

There is a commitment to negotiate until we have an agreement, or until it is clear we will not reach an agreement. Please stay tuned for an email update sometime early on Wednesday morning in your home email. 
As we stated yesterday, your stories do matter. Please take a moment to flood the school board with your story. Will you be able to stay in Kent and make a decent living for your family? Or will you need to move to another district that is paying a competitive wage? Will you feel respected and valued as an employee if you stay? Let them know your heartfelt story by emailing the school board at  


1. Talk to your colleagues and make sure you know who your building rep is right away. 



2. Email the school board members and urge them to make sure their parameters to the district will allow for an agreement to be reached so school can start on time. You can email the whole board at this email address but we recommend that you go to this website [] and get each individual email address so each board member will receive the message directly. Always use home email when communicating with the school board members.  


For now, please continue to hold 4:30 p.m. on your calendar for Wednesday afternoon.

KEA General Membership Meeting 
Wednesday, August 29, 2018 
4:30 p.m. 
Kent-Meridian High School Gym 
In Solidarity, 
Bargaining Team

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