January 2024

By Jim Moir
Chair, Board of Directors
IMAGINE! A Year of Hope + Action
Your Council is people working together.  Together, we imagine the Indian River Lagoon (IRL) coastal community of east central Florida restored to balance. Thanks to Marine Resources Council (MRC) and many other like-minded, forward-thinking people, we are making historic ongoing progress in that regard.  

However, our work is just beginning. That's why MRC is presenting IMAGINE! A Year of Hope + Action:

  • Featuring the 21st IRL Community Action Assembly, July 24-25 at Florida Institute of Technology.  Presented by LagoonWATCH citizens + science, the Assembly will bring together 100+ citizen delegates representing the various interests of east central Florida to consider and reach consensus on what will need to happen next to continue progress, with science serving as their guide.

  • Tue, Mar 19 Ted Moorhead Lagoon House 20th Birthday Party! Come celebrate at the Center of the Lagooniverse, atop Ais Lookout Point overlooking the lagoon in Palm Bay. Learn about future plans for the environmental education center and IRL National Scenic Byway visitors center.

  • Wed, May 1, 9am-noon, St. Sebastian River Greenway Preserve MRC Open House. Visit the largest certified mangrove nursery in Florida and learn about this eight-acre future gateway to the five-mile-long St. Sebastian River Greenway.  

  • Sat, Sep 21, 8am-noon, International Coastal Cleanup Day along the IRL. Join in as hundreds of people make thousands of pounds of progress.

  • Oct-Dec IRL Community Progress and Action Report + Loxahatchee/Tallahassee Tour. Now that historic ongoing progress is being made, MRC will report it, along with the prioritized next steps from the July IRL Community Action Assembly.

  • Thu/Fri, Nov 7-8 4th Annual MRC Low Impact Development (LID) Conference. MRC continues to educate community development leaders on best practices and the steps to take in implementing common sense more resilient LID practices in new and existing development to reduce flooding and bring nature back to our communities.

  • Fri, Feb 7, 2025, 1-3pm, Love Our Lagoon Celebration. What a great way to celebrate a Year of Hope + Action, with the MRC Annual Conservation Awards and Legends of the IRL Hall of Fame, at the Hilton Melbourne Beach Oceanfront.

If you're getting our monthly progress reports, you will receive updated information about these great events. You may always learn the latest at LoveTheIRL.org.
MRC is located at Ted Moorhead Lagoon House

Call 321.725.7775 if you care to visit or arrange a tour
Events Calendar
January 5 - First Friday Litter Patrol
January 9 - Lagoon at Noon - The Martin County Seagrass Restoration Project
January 12 - Mangrove Workshop at Ted Moorhead Lagoon House
January 27 - Mangrove Workshop at MRC's St. Sebastian River Greenway Nursery
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