May 2023

Jim Moir
Chair, Board of Directors
Jim Moir
Please Play Your Part in the Politics of Progress
Mark Twain said the secret to progress is getting started.

MRC got its start protecting, restoring, uniting, and promoting the IRL coastal community of east central Florida over 30 years ago.

Anyone who has been in the fight as long as MRC knows that the historic progress that the east central Florida coastal community has made toward restoring balance to the region has been hard won.

It always will be.

Much of that progress has depended upon electing officials who appreciate the value of the IRL, not just for political gain, but as the lifeblood of the globally important regional economy. Those elected officials understand that what we do on the land impacts the lagoon downstream.

Progress also depends on individuals such as you, who take the time to get in the know, to vote, and influence others, including their state representatives, and local councilors, commissioners, neighbors, and others.

Ask yourself and explore:

  • Do your representatives understand that land use restrictions governed solely by the state are bad; that removing local authority to protect local watersheds will be devestating?
  • Do your elected officials understand the importance of a healthy lagoon?
  • Do they emphasize support for programs and policies to protect, restore, unite, and promote the IRL coastal community?
  • Do they vote accordingly?

If you care to better understand the issues and organizations working in this regard, and get more involved in holding elected officials accountable in this regard, the MRC IRL Progress Report is a good starting point. You can review it here.

The Florida House and Senate are in session, and a host of issues that will impact the IRL and east central Florida are being addressed, and moving quickly.

VoteWater reports that Senate Bill 540, which the Legislature passed May 2, would be a death knell for citizen engagement in development decisions. They are requesting to ask Govenor DeSantis to veto it; you can do so here.

In terms of current legislation, the big package is Senate Bill 1632/House Bill 1379; you can acquaint yourself here.

1000 Friends of Florida has published an overview of legislation of concern to the state’s
environment. View it here.

Please take the time to get in the know, and vote and act accordingly. Political progress depends upon you; please make it part of your life to protect your paradise by helping to protect, restore, unite, and promote the Indian River Lagoon coastal community of east central Florida.
MRC recognizes Ron Jon Surf Shop for their generous contribution.
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