November 2015

Ernestina in New Bedford Harbor
                                                                                                                      photo by Roland Morin
November 11, 2015

On this Veteran's Day we thank all who have served our Nation.  We
Bartlett and Forbes
Capt Bartlett _ Cmdr Forbes
particularly want to  recognize those men who served aboard the Effie M. Morrissey during World War II.  Many of you many not know of Ernestina-Morrissey's service.  Take some time to check the posts on the website.

SEMA President Julius Britto will be speaking to a meeting of the Wareham Historical Society on Monday November 16.  The Public is welcome.  
Work is progressing on the ship in Boothbay Harbor.  We expect new photos soon and have received the first progress report from DCR describing the work so far . The dismantling of the vessel continues and
tens of thousands of poindsof lead pigs have been removed from the bilge
tens of thousands of pounds of lead were removed from the bilge
all lead and concrete ballast has been removed. Laser scans of the hull have been completed and a Naval architect is developing drawings and working with Harold Burnham to design the keel repairs including utilization of the Danish oak.  Harold has contacted the Coast Guard to start certification process. 

 As you know SEMA has pledged to raise $1 million toward the costs of this project.  We recently sent the first installment of $100,000 to the Ernestina Commission Trust.  This would not have been possible without your support and faith that Ernestina-Morrissey will sail again.  This is just the beginning, With your continued support and with new friends joining us every day, we will see this watch out to the end!

Fair Winds,
Mary Anne McQuillan
Secretary, SEMA
Visualizing the Plans

half model
Half models, crafted by Capt. Harold Burnham were shown at the recent Schooner Ernestina Commission meeting to demonstrate how the shear of Ernestina-Morrissey will be restored with the work going on at Boothbay Harbor Shipyard.   READ MORE .....
SEMA Recognized by Cape Verdean Government

The Schooner Ernestina-Morrissey Association (SEMA) was among forty organizations and individuals recently awarded a Distinctive Services Medal or Merit Medal  by the Prime Minister of Cabo Verde, José Maria Pereira Neves. 
The government of Cape Verde chose to recognize organizations that have rendered valuable services to the Cape Verdean community in the U.S. and Cape Verde.


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Schooner Ernestina Commission Meeting 


The next Commission meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 23, 2015 at 1:00 pm at the New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park Visitors' Center. 33 William St. New Bedford.  

Check the  Â  Upcoming Events on the website  for details.


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