Tuesday, December 15th, 2020
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Mississippi Unemployment Rates
Here are the unemployment statistics as of October 2020 for the United States, the state of Mississippi and 14 individual Mississippi counties are represented in this chart. Unemployment is a dire situation during this difficult time for many Mississippians and Americans.
Mississippi - 6.8% 
United States - 7.7%
Coahoma County - 11.6%
Humphreys - 14.4%
Issaquena - 8.5%
Sharkey - 10.0%
Panola - 9.7%
Sunflower - 11.6% 
Tunica - 13.2%
Bolivar - 8.4%
Jefferson - 17.2% 
Washington - 10.6%
Quitman - 11.8%
Claiborne -13.7%
Delta Leadership Intitiative
The Delta Leadership Initiative is an organization designed to promote equity in food systems. The Delta Leadership is seeking leaders with solutions on how to bring access to healthy and affordable food to the Mississippi Delta. Please CLICK HERE to learn more about this opportunity.
Higher Purpose
Looking for a job opportunity? Higher Purpose Co. of Clarksdale, Mississippi is hiring. This is an economic justice non-profit organization designed to empower and enfranchise Black residents in Mississippi. Higher Purpose addresses issues of poverty, inequality, and racism here in Mississippi. Higher Purpose is seeking to hire a Finance & Grant Coordinator and Chief Operating Officer. Please CLICK HERE to find out more about these job opportunities.
Children Who Tested Positive
Children are also vulnerable to complications from Covid-19. Children have to wear masks, sanitize, and social distance as well as adults.
Covid-19 in Mississippi Schools
This week's confirmed Covid-19 cases among student and teachers have decreased from the previous week. These statistics are hopeful for our students and educators. We must remain persistent in our fight against Covid-19.
Medicinal Marijuana In Mississippi
Thank you to all of you who gave Mississippians a safe alternative healthcare option with the passage of Initiative 65. This new opportunity will also open doors to new "business opportunities" for Mississippians - particularly for African-Americans. To learn more about and/or find out how to take advantage of potential opportunities to participate in the new economy, please CLICK HERE
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