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We've all suffered grief and trauma at one time in our life. Janine Naus, our recent guest provided a new perspective on the subject and delightful tools to hep us overcome them. Listen to the entire interview here: Janine Naus 11/16/2021

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Her Session: Speak with Power & Purpose
Replay Episode Nov. 23, 2021
Sherry Stirling Fernandez
Originally aired Oct 19, 2021
Though deep in the throes of childhood family chaos with two unstable and unhappy parents -- divorcing, marrying others, then remarrying Sherry Stirling Fernandez still knew she was destined for great things. 
Sherry's new USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller Life Mastery: Personal Progression Toward an Infinite Potential makes the case that if you are not progressing toward a better version of yourself, you can never achieve any true sense of joy.

Happiness comes from recognizing and celebrating the fulfillment of your personal goals no matter how challenging -- and then setting out on the road to the next one. A lifetime of progress toward your infinite potential is what makes you exceptional, fills your heart and enables you to leave your imprint on the world -- your legacy!

Upcoming Live Guests
Alina Boyte Nov 30, 2021

Alina Boyte, is the Founder and Director at Changemaker Institute. She is a Stanford Law Grad with a PhD in copyright law and history. Alina is now a tenured law professor at Mississippi College Law. She's also received multiple highly competitive academic awards, namely the Cambridge Commonwealth Scholarship, Fulbright, and Lieberman Fellowship at Stanford.

Alina's genius is turning creative and innovative ideas into powerful products and services that sell easily while effectively changing the world for the better.

Businesses and entrepreneurs hire Alina to reveal the hidden impact in their business so they can make a difference in the world. She helps them design, develop, and implement a social impact strategy that maximizes impact and profitability, engage market and community, opens new doors, and sustains growth.

"We can all be change-makers and create an impact in the world. We need to start with who we are and how we want that change to manifest in the world. Then we choose the process that makes the most sense."

Elle Hari Dec 7, 2021
Elle Hari is a #1 international bestselling author, teacher, coach and Twin Flame and Ascension Alchemist. Her purpose is to guide people on their Twin Flame journey to achieve self-love and abundance, and ultimately, reunite with their Twin Flame.

Elle has helped hundreds of students progress on their journeys and feel inner peace.

After going on her own Twin Flame journey for four years, Elle decided to coach and teach students experiencing the same thing. As painful as her Twin Flame journey was, she has learned the Divine Truth of Creation, which is necessary for helping others advance on their journeys.

Elle's new book, Savvy Spirituality The Sophisicated Fun & Fabulous Person's Guide to Everlasting Happiness is made for those who seek answers but aren’t ready to dive into the “woowoo” stuff. Readers learn about ways to benefit from tapping into their true selves and find perpetual happiness, abundance, peace, and love.

Life Mastery Radio Blog
Coming Into Awareness of Trauma and Grief
Why am I here on this earth? Why am I feeling these emotions? Why is this experience happening in my life right now, and why do I need to learn from it?

“Emotions are energy that needs to move through our bodies. Let energy flow outward. Thoughts stick in our minds as well and may show up as shame. It’s scary to be vulnerable and face what we’re feeling. However, energy needs to move and flow.”

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