Issue #3 |  April 3, 2020
Hello to GHS families,

Three weeks of distance learning is just enough to feel like I am beginning to understand the incredible strength, creativity and resilience of our Greene Hill community. When we started this process I remember asking what does hands-on learning look like from a distance? What does a community based school that values our daily connection feel like when we are separated? I think we are starting to answer these questions as we experience the full impact of this new approach, as our teachers continue to broaden our understandings of how to teach and communicate via the internet. Teachers and staff are not replicating the GHS experience in a distance learning format- they are re-creating it. This incredible deep and caring process is a triumphant response to our unexpected crisis. In our progressive school we value constructivism, building on previous knowledge together, and a holistic approach to education that is never static or recycled. Distant learning at GHS exemplifies our progressivism- we are learning by doing every day together. We are learning from one another, building on our new experiences and supporting our community as we strive to understand  our current world.

GHS is holding Spring Break (April 9-19) as originally planned. We went directly into distance learning mode and our faculty and staff have been involved for over three weeks in the tremendous work of conducting school from afar. It is important that we all have time to refresh and we also know that some families will look to us for curated activities.

We are also scheduling a non-instructional day on Monday April 20 (our first day back from break) for teacher planning and to help ensure that faculty and staff take some time away from school concerns to focus on themselves and their families. While there may be student or class meetings or some asynchronous activities on this day, regular  instruction will resume on Tuesday, April 21.

We are asking faculty to prepare optional fun and enrichment materials with Jaime and Laurie that can be used by families over the break. We are also planning a few community events. See the Upcoming Events section of Progressions and then more information will be shared with families/students on Wednesday, 4/8.

We continue to follow best practices for health and safety. Although the DOE has said school buildings will reopen on 4/20, I imagine we will have information about continued distance learning in the near future and will communicate with the GHS community as soon as possible about any changes.

Be well and stay in touch-

Student Learning is all about Engagement

Open Work 
Open Work, the time that students engage in self-directed projects, is a much-loved part of the school day and a key component of the progressive education tenet to support the growth of the whole child. These 10s are taking Open Work very seriously at home!

Spanish Practice
GHS students learn to communicate in many languages. 8th graders are using video technology to practice their Spanish vocabulary and pronunciation with our teacher Liliana and with each other. 

The 7s Get the Key to the Magic Kingdom
The 7s are having drama workshop.  Check out these videos where the (student-made) puppets have to recite the magic words to get into the kingdom.

Multiplication Wars
Families can play multiplication war together.

The Chicks Visit the 5s!
One of the most exciting days in school for the 5s - and everyone - is the day the chicks hatch.  This year, the chicks are living with our 5s teacher, Liz, and she is sharing their journey with everyone.

Upcoming Events

April 9 - 19 Spring Recess 
April 20 Non-instructional day for students
April 21 Regular classes resume

Events During Break

Wednesday April 15 at 1pm
Craft Club for Kids
Join a Zoom craft time with Diana. Bring your favorite project to share and work on.

Thursday April 16 at 5 pm
Knit Night for Adults (or any craft)  

Some activities from our current and past after school providers

Allergic to Salad (our Cooking provider) is offering a discount and free trial for their virtual community classrooms. Promotion Codes : Partners20 for 20% off. Use code CookTrial for a free class trial.  

The Piano School is offering private online lessons and video-based classes. Please email Erick Eiser 

Check your email for additional scheduled events.