February 10, 2014

"Poverty and the Affordable Health Care Act"
Dr. Baltimore at the CBC National Day of Prayer   

On this past Thursday, I was blessed to take part in the Congressional Black Caucus' National Day of Prayer to End Poverty and Income Inequality


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Poverty and Income inequality are defining issues of our day that we must address. 


Highlighting this fact is a disturbing report from children's advocate Marian Wright Edelman, The State of America's Children 2014, on child poverty.  The report shows that Black children are sliding backwards. According to the report:

  • A Black baby is born into poverty every two-and-a-half minutes.
  • Each day in America, 597 Black babies are born into poverty, 310 into extreme poverty.
  • Twenty-six percent of poor children are Black although Black children are only 14 percent of the children population.
  • Black children suffer worse health outcomes.
  • Black babies are more than twice as likely as White babies to die before their first birthdays and Black children are twice as likely to die before their 18th birthdays as White children.
  • Black babies are more likely to die before their first birthdays than babies in 72 other countries, including Sri Lanka, Cuba, and Romania.

Finally, although 95 percent of all children are now eligible for health coverage, Black children are 40 percent more likely to be uninsured than White children and over 1 million Black children (9.5 percent) are uninsured. 


This highlights why it is critical for us to get folks signed-up for the Affordable Health Care Act.  Access to health coverage is not actual coverage until we make every effort to enroll every child person in our community.


In this regard, as part of your Black History celebrations, I encourage you to sign people up for the Affordable Health Care Act.  PNBC has partnered with Enroll America to assist with health care enrollment efforts and you can go to the following link for resources to help you plan your recruitment campaign Black History ACA Resources).  


We encourage every PNBC Church to hold "Enrollment Sundays" and to send in reports about what you're doing to sign folks-up for the Affordable Health Care Act and testimonies about how the ACA is making a difference in people's lives.  Please email any events to the PNBC headquarters at kbanks@pnbc.org.


I also met with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sibelius this past week and she shared with me that that contrary to media reports about the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Report on the ACA that the law is actually improving the financial security and well-being of America's families.  


The media twisted the report to say that jobs would be lost, but some people will leave their jobs because they'll no longer have to stay on their jobs to receive health insurance because of pre-existing conditions.


Our Lord and Savior Jesus gave us a mandate to minister to the least of our brothers and sisters (Matthew 25), let us do so by doing all that we can to address poverty and inequality and to sign people up for the Affordable Health Care Act.


In Christ,

Dr. Carroll A. Baltimore, Sr. 




Feb. 20th - 23rd Volunteer Trainings!


March 31st is the last day to enroll in coverage, and it's coming up fast. So many people can get health coverage, but still so many still have no idea that this is an option for them. March 1st will kick off 31 days of a flurry of outreach. 


Be part of the historic opportunity to get communities covered. 


Enroll America and the Get Covered America Campaign is conducting a series of volunteer trainings in TX, AZ, GA, TN, FL, NC, IL, OH, PA, MI, NJ Feb. 20th - 23rd. 


If you would like to attend the training or send a group of volunteers, please click on the link below to register and a local organizer will follow up with you to schedule you for a training near you!


Join these trainings and you will develop your skills in outreach, learn how to talk to consumers about their options, and help make history by changing the lives of the uninsured.  


Remember February 22nd is Get Covered Training Day.


Click on the link next to the event nearest you to RSVP: ACA Trainings



The Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc. (PNBC) Eastern Region under the leadership of regional Vice President Dr. L.B. Jones, II has adopted a campaign to reach 9,000 souls for Christ.  
Each state within the Eastern Region has been asked to reach 1,000 persons for Christ through December 31, 2014.  Please contact Rev. Betty Crawford at revbettyc@aol.com for more information.  






PNBC is in partnership with David C. Cook.  Under our agreement David C. Cook, PNBC benefits from the sale of their Sunday School and Vacation Bible School Literature.  


We encourage you to support PNBC by supporting David C. Cook.  



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"Why Not You?"
     Rev. Kip Banks, Sr.

On Sunday, February 2, history was made during the 48th Super Bowl match-up between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks.  The Seahawks 43 to 8 dismantling of the Broncos was the most watched event - with 111.5 million people - in US history. 


Although neither the game nor the commercials were very exciting, there was a young-man at the center of the game who was simply outstanding.  


This young-man is Russell Wilson, the 25 year-old second-year quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks.  


Although several other players including the Denver Broncos' Peyton Manning grabbed the lime light, it was Russell Wilson who outshone them all.  Wilson played a flawless game and became only the second African American quarterback in history, following Doug Williams of the Redskins, to win the Super Bowl. 


Most importantly, what you need to know about Russell Wilson is that he is a child of God who has sought to glorify God in all that he says and does on and off the field. 




 "The New Baptist 

 Covenant: Action,    Reconciliation &  Transformation"


    Hannah  McMahan


The New Baptist Covenant was born out of a dream.  President Jimmy Carter, a well-known peacemaker, traveled all across the world, waging peace and building reconciliation between warring factions.   


Yet, when he looked at his own Baptist family, he saw so much division.  Baptists are divided by race, divided by theology, divided by geography, divided by generation and even divided about being divided. Saddened by all of this division, 


President Carter convened a gathering of prominent Baptist leaders to dream of a new way for Baptists to work together and to bring love to a world desperately in need.  From these conversations the New Baptist Covenant was born.  


Leaders in this movement pledged to work to heal the wounds in our Baptist family and to join together to be agents of God's love in a world desperately in need.  

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   Eastern Region 

 March 19 - 24, 2014

Langhorne, PA


  Midwest Region

      April 21 - 25

        Detroit, MI 


  Southern Region 

      June 16 - 20

    Birmingham, AL


  Southwest Region

       June 23 -27               Oakland, CA


International Region



Annual Session

August 3 - 9 

Fort Lauderdale, Fl




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