Volume Four  Issue Eleven -  November 2019
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The History Center on Main Street
Director- Joyce M. Tice: President - Deb Talbot Bastian: V.P - Kathy McQuaid
November 1919. Leon "Windy" Smith went from town to local town thrilling the residents with airplane rides. In November he was in Mansfield and gave A. H. Vosburg a ride to Addison which took 45 minutes. Mr. Vosburg used the occasion to hand out Red Cross literature. Windy had more passengers lined up for rides than he could accommodate. (Photo shows Windy Smith plane and unidentified child at Mansfield 1919.)
13 October 1919 - The 18th Amendment, making Prohibition the law of the and passed. Prominent among the supporters of this was the W.C.T.U. or Women's Christian Temperance Union.

Coincidentally, yesterday when I went to the dentist, one of the people there had brought in a 1911 W.C.T.U. Cookbook from Mansfield for the History Center. It has great ads and recipes signed by the submitters. It's a wonderful addition to our collection. Was your great grandmother in the W.C.T.U? Very likely.

Years ago Don Stanton allowed me to copy the collection of W.C.T.U. postcards he had rescued. They lay it on thick in their condemnation of alcohol. The whole collection of some thirty cards is on the website.
Upcoming Events - THREE Books by Local Authors
Ruth Ann Rodgers Randall, MHS 1965, has published a genealogy book on the ancestors of her husband, Kent Randall, MHS 1967. It's a beautiful hard cover book, 261 pages entitled The Randall Family of Tioga County and Potter County, Pennsylvania: Descendants of John and Elizabeth Randall of Westerly, Rhode Island, ca.1659-2018. ISBN:978-1-7923-0646-4 or contact Ruth at karandall@mac.com 
Ellen Williams of Knoxville, has published a wonderful local history book entitled Out of the Woods: From Deerfield to the Grand Circuit. This is about race horses from this area who went on to national fame in the nineteenth century. The horses were Woods Hambletonian and his racing offspring. It is ISBN:9781641113595, available through Amazon, B&N and other sellers.
You don't have to know about horses or racing to enjoy this book. It is a fascinating local view into a popular activity of our area in its earlier days.
Legacy and Vision, The American Legion Centennial Celebration

Our congratulations to Bruce Dart, Commander of American Legion Post 478, for completing his book commemorating the centennial of the American Legion, and in time for Veterans’ Day. Bruce has focused his attention on the individuals listed on the World War One Memorial on the side of the Allen Block in center Mansfield, presently in use as Night and Day Cafe. Bruce started planning this four years ago, and it has come together on schedule.

Bruce has particularly concentrated on the fifteen charter members of Post 478, which was established in December 1919. Using the Legion values of Service to Community, Bruce has illustrated the many ways these former soldiers contributed to the well-being and development of their communities over their lifetimes.

The History Center is pleased to have contributed to this project by providing research, photos, and biographical detail from our historical archives and genealogical database. In the last few years, many states have added their archival records to the internet, enabling us to make accelerated progress in our searches. We have ben able to track down individuals listed on the memorial in greater depth than we ever could before. It all adds to the greater story of Mansfield and its people. Particular thanks to our volunteer, Pat Newell Smith, who pursued and found so many of our stories.

Join Bruce and Joyce at the Museum of Us on Nov. 9 noon to 3, to see the book and talk about the people on the wall who contributed so much to our community.

The book will be available for $10 at the History Center's two buildings and at the Chamber of Commerce office.
Call Us QR Coded
The Museum of Us Is Coded and Connected

A project of 10,000 steps begins with a single QR Code. Your next (or first) visit to the Museum of Us will have a new feature. We are installing QR codes on some of our items which, if you have a smart phone, will link you to a page of our virtual exhibit web site. It will tell you all about that object and the people associated with it. It's a big project, but will be engaging and will enhance understanding by our visitors who use it. Give it a try.

If you don't have a smart phone, you can still enjoy the exhibits the traditional way by looking at the items and reading the signage.

Mansfield Dairy 1910 Milk Bottle
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Lessons To Go

Mansfield University students, in the class Social Studies Methods taught by Dr. Michele Whitecraft, created a program called “ Mystery at the Museum:  Lessons ‘To Go’”.   They collaborated with the curators of the History Center of Mansfield to write a grant and create lessons elementary teachers can use to bring artifacts from   the museum to   their classrooms in ways that are exciting and educational.

These lessons will help the History Center reach a wider population of the community.
The Mansfield University students created a unit specifically focusing on the Twain Theater in Mansfield, covering different aspects of social studies: history, geography, political science, sociology, economics and anthropology. The lessons the students crafted will soon be “coming to life” in local school districts with area teachers.
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