Parental incarceration can feel traumatic, shameful and isolating. Almost 3 million children have an incarcerated parent.

Project Avary helps children heal from their pain, and surrounds them with a supportive community. Together children develop leadership skills and grow in their identity and confidence. Kids learn that they are not alone, and that their circumstances do not define who they are, or who they will become. They can break free from cycles of trauma and generational incarceration.

Almost 20 years ago Project Avary began as a Bay Area summer camp and has evolved into an extensive year-round leadership program that now serves children from across the country through leadership programs, including a Bay Area-based leadership program, a national online leadership program, and mentoring programs. 

Milagro Foundation made a site visit to the summer camp last week to see kids eight to eighteen years of age just being kids in a natural environment supported by the "Avary Family".

photo credit: Project Avary
Shelley Brown
Ruthie Moutafian