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Project Counsel Media announces expansion of its worldwide legal technology coverage by partnering with The Maas Consulting Group and ComplexDiscovery Solutions


Catarina Conti
Social Media Manager
Project Counsel Media

8 March 2021 (Brussels, Belgium) - Today we announced the expansion and enhancement of our global legal technology coverage through formal informational and educational partnerships with The Maas Consulting Group and ComplexDiscovery Solutions. You can read the full press release by clicking here.

I want to emphasise a few points from the press release:

* Our legaltech newsletter listserv now comprises more than 9,000 subscribers across industry vendors, law firms, corporate in-house counsel, and IT personnel. When combined with our cybersecurity and digital media technology newsletter listservs, we regularly reach more than 25,000 subscribers on a weekly basis.

* As Eric De Grasse, CEO of Project Counsel Media, notes in the press release: one thing we have learned after more than two decades coverage and service to practitioners in the cybersecurity, digital media, and legal technology domains is that more than ever we have seen the accelerated convergence of these discrete, yet mutually inclusive areas in the lives of our worldwide audiences.

* But we have not made an adequate commitment to increasing the understanding and implications of this convergence to the legaltech community. So we have partnered with The Maas Consulting Group and ComplexDiscovery Solutions because both have a unique expertise in identifying and sharing insight that helps industry practitioners venture out of the comfort zone of traditional information silos.

* We have published editions of Jonathan's BONG! newsletter in the past but we have not fully taken advantage of Jonathan's four decades of experience in informing and enlightening the e-disclosure, e-discovery, and information governance communities throughout the world.

* We have also worked with ComplexDiscovery in the past. But we are now expanding that partnership to take advantage of its position in providing an objective resource for considering trends, technologies, and convergence in the discovery and legaltech communities.

* And, finally, up until now we have eschewed paid sponsorships for our newsletters in order to keep our editorial integrity (our need to publish the Good, the Bad and the Ugly on an unrestricted basis). But given the success of our sponsored cybersecurity newsletter, the new weekly BONG! updates will be available for sponsorhip by qualified and selected legaltech organizations and vendors. HaystackID will serve as the inaugural update sponsor. To learn more about content contribution and update sponsorship opportunities, and to promote your event or webinar, see below.

The first issue of the new BONG! will be published this Friday, 12 March. If you have not subscribed, use the email below. Each issue will open with a lead story. For example:

* This week's subject is "What is an algorithm? It depends whom you ask". It describes a decision-making system as an "algorithm" often used in a way to deflect accountability for human decisions, and all different in the three domains we cover - cybersecurity, digital media, and legal technology.

* Next week's subject is "Google upends the advertising industry". We'll discuss Google's move to abandon cookies, it's move to first-party data, and how all of this makes the EU's General Data Protection Regulation and other data privacy laws even more "unfit for purpose".

Each lead story will be followed by 5 noteworthy stories-of-the-week as determined by Jonathan Maas and ComplexDiscovery. And ending with "Maas' Moment of Zen" - an off-beat video or photograph that Jonathan found during the course of the week.

All three of us - The Maas Consulting Group, ComplexDiscovery Solutions, and Project Counsel Media - have written and spoken often on the significant commonality between the seemingly disparate technology issues facing businesses and individuals today. But in our separate silos. So it is going to be a pleasure to combine those silos to offer our content through a new, improved BONG! to an even broader and worldwide community.

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Catarina Conti

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