February 23, 2018 eBrief
Bressler attorney helps grandfather collect
A 72-year-old low-income grandfather won his lawsuit against an
unscrupulous car repair shop, but the victory was hollow because he
could not collect his damages. Then
the man came to the Civil Help Desk and met Louis Mendez, Bressler. 

Mendez contacted the repair shop, sent them a demand letter, and persuaded them to pay his client the money he was legally owed. 

"My client did not have a lot of money and he was dealing with this for a year," Mendez said. "He needs a working car because he carpools his grandchildren. I was happy to help him."
Helping Families at Domestic Relations
Thank you Domestic Relations Help Desk volunteers: April Bauder, Merrell Law Firm,
Melinda GuillaumeSusan Han (pictured), Red Mountain Law Group,  Kendra Johnson Susan McAlister John Milledge, and  Pam Weed.

Lending a hand at Civil Help Desk
Thank you Civil Help Desk volunteers:  Rosemary Alexander, Alexander Shunnarah John Dana , Gordon, Dana, and Gilmore,  Priscilla Kelley Preston Martin, Bressler,  Tanisia Moore, Moore Legal   Solutions,  Monike Titus, UAB student volunteer,  Jeffrey Wertheim (left),  and   Donnie Winningham , Bressler.

PHCAttorneys to volunteer tomorrow at Project Homeless Connect

Project Homeless Connect is tomorrow! We are expecting to serve over 250 clients and help them with their legal issues. Remember, this is the only day that the homeless can get free IDs! Thank you to everyone who has volunteered! See you Saturday!

Volunteer at the Domestic Relations Self-Represented Docket

Click here to volunteer to help clients at the Domestic Relations Self-Represented Docket on Friday, March 9, 2018 with Judge Patricia Stephens. 
Attorneys Needed

Client needs help creating a Power of Attorney for her 96-year-old mother who has capacity to sign but is bedridden in hospice.
Client would like help adopting her two cousins after their father was killed in a drive-by shootout.  Client was given custody of her cousins in 2015 by a family court judge.
Domestic violence victim needs help protecting her assets through a divorce.
This mom, who is currently homeless, needs to divorce her husband who is incarcerated on sex offender charges unrelated to the client or her daughter.
Help Desk & Court Volunteers Needed