June 18, 2021
Additional Elevators Closing for Construction in Terminals B and C
Passengers can use elevator bank in center of terminal or escalators to move between Check-In, Gates and Baggage Claim
Summary of Impacts
  • Beginning on or about Monday, June 21, a bank of elevators connecting the Ticketing/Check-In, TSA Security/Gates and Baggage Claim levels in Terminal C will close for construction.
  • The elevator bank in Terminal B remains closed for construction, as well.
  • Passengers can use the elevators in the center of Terminal B/C or stairs and escalators to move between the three levels.
The only available elevator bank in Terminals B and C connecting
all three levels is marked in green.
  • A bank of elevators connecting Ticketing/Check-In (Level 3), TSA Security/Gates (Level 2) and Baggage Claim (Level 1) in Terminal C will close for construction. The elevator bank in Terminal B remains closed, as well.
  • Temporary walls will block access to the closed elevators.
  • One remaining set of elevators in the center of Terminal B/C connects the Ticketing, Gates and Baggage Claim levels. Escalators are also available between all levels.
  • The elevator banks will remain closed until two new security checkpoints open later this year.
  • Additional elevators are available that provide access only between Baggage Claim (Level 1) and TSA Security/Gates (Level 2.)
  • All shuttles, including rental car, economy parking and hotel, continue to pick-up and drop-off passengers only on the Ticketing level.

Project Benefits
  • National Hall will be reconfigured to a connected post-security terminal that allows ticketed passengers to move freely between all gates in Terminals B and C (Gates 10-59).
  • Elevator service will link Ticketing and Baggage Claim with two new security checkpoints.
About Project Journey

When Project Journey is completed, two new 50,000-square-foot buildings with security checkpoints will replace three smaller checkpoints currently serving Terminal B/C – increasing the post-security space to include all of National Hall and its premier shops and restaurants for ticketed travelers. In addition, a new 14-gate concourse will replace Gate 35X – ending the need for travelers to ride buses to board regional jets parked outside. Concourse amenities will include jetbridges, holdrooms, concessions and an American Airlines Admirals Club lounge.
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