September 6, 2019
Starbucks Closing on Ticketing Level
for Project Journey Construction
Summary of Impacts
  • Beginning on or about Monday, September 9, Starbucks on the Ticketing level of Terminal B/C will close to make way for construction of a steel-framed glass divider.
  • Customers can visit other coffee shops around the airport, pre-security and post-security.
The new steel and glass divider will follow the curvature of the Ticketing level
floor and serve as an overlook to the post-security concourse below.
Project Benefits
  • The new divider will separate public space on the Ticketing level from the concourse below, while preserving views of National Hall and the airfield.
  • When Project Journey is complete, passengers will move more efficiently through security into a spacious terminal with improved connections between airline gates.

  • After Starbucks closes on the Ticketing level, it will not re-open.
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