April 16, 2021
Temporary Corridor Activation Marks Final Construction Milestone Prior to New Concourse Soft Opening
Passengers will follow a modified path
to exit around Terminal C security checkpoint
Rendering of temporary corridor and north security checkpoint queuing area
serving Gates 35-45 and 46-59.
Summary of Impacts
  • A temporary corridor will open on or about Monday, April 19, that will provide connectivity to the new 14-gate concourse (Gates 46-59), which is scheduled to begin flight operations on April 20.
  • The corridor will also serve as a temporary path for passengers exiting Gates 35-45 towards baggage claim and ground transportation.
Passenger Pathway to and from New Concourse
Effective Monday, April 19
  • A temporary corridor has been constructed next to the north security checkpoint in Terminal C for passengers entering the new concourse (Gates 46-59).
  • Customers departing from Gates 35-45 will enter the north security checkpoint as they do now, then continue straight ahead to their gate.
  • Beginning April 20, customers departing from Gates 46-59 will follow signs that will route them through a secure corridor to the new concourse. 
  • Customers deplaning from flights at Gates 35-45 and exiting into the existing terminal will also follow the corridor to reach the airport exit, baggage claim and ground transportation.
  • Signage will be posted to guide passengers to their desired location. 
Project Benefits
  • The temporary corridor will connect the existing terminal to the new 14-gate concourse.
  • The corridor wall will be removed after new security checkpoint buildings open later this year - fully connecting Gates 10 through 59 across multiple concourses.

  • The temporary corridor will open or about April 19.
  • Access via the corridor to the new concourse will begin on April 20.
About Project Journey
When Project Journey is completed, two new 50,000-square-foot buildings with security checkpoints will replace three smaller checkpoints currently serving Terminal B/C – increasing the post-security space to include all of National Hall and its premier shops and restaurants for ticketed travelers. In addition, a new 14-gate concourse will replace Gate 35X – ending the need for travelers to ride buses to board regional jets parked outside. Concourse amenities include jetbridges, holdrooms, concessions and an American Airlines Admirals Club lounge.
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