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January 30, 2018 
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 Dear Supporter of Fair and Open Competition:
I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays because 2018 will require us to be rested in order to deal with the threats coming our way locally, statewide, and from Sacramento.
To the Report!

Salinas Unified High School District:  It is important to remember what happens to school board members who put the interests of big labor over those of students and taxpayers: They are held accountable. Ask Kathryn Ramirez who voted for the PLA at SUHSD that has proven to be so problematic. She has been served with recall papers based on what local citizens are calling her "failure to represent taxpayer interests". Local media has been  covering this story .  This has followed numerous other media that   has reported on the failure of the District's new high school to open on time. 

Sacramento County Board of Education: CFEC has discovered an attempt by a big labor tool (Harold Fong) on the County Board of Education to try and have a PLA placed on their new Powerhouse Science Center! Thankfully the board majority rejected this last minute scheme but we are now alerted to the fact we have yet another entity to monitor.
Garden Grove Unified School District: Walter Muneton, a board trustee from the Garden Grove Unified School District, called on the council to establish a Project Labor Agreement to ensure the use of union labor or other terms that would guarantee jobs to Garden Grove residents. This has not gone any further to date but CFEC is now monitoring the situation. 
Norwalk-La Mirada USD:  On December 12th this District's school board voted to approve a PLA for the District's Measure G bond work.
PLAs approved by educational entities in the last 18 years now comes to 74. Contact CFEC today for the full list.

City of Berkley: Having already approved a city-wide PLA last year the District will now be voting to make it even more discriminatory.  Strengthening Provisions of Significant Community Benefits in the Downtown

San Diego Metro Transit System: MTS selected a new board chair and it is PLA-loving San Diego City Councilwoman Georgette Gomez. We have yet another previously safe entity that will now require constant vigilance. 
San Diego Convention Center:  Big labor and other groups are behind an initiative effort that seeks to raise taxes to fund the expansion of the Convention Center. A PLA will be sought. CFEC is weighing our strategy to, more than likely, oppose this effort. Stay tuned! More media  here.

High Speed Rail:   The state auditor has disclosed that the PLA covered "High Speed Rail" project is now over $2.8 BILLION over budget. And that's not even taking into account it's over $6B from when it was shamefully launched. 
California Democrat Party: The state Democrat party has finally taken the veil off the canard that PLAs are "non-political", in case anyone was still under that illusion.  One of the Party's positions is to push for PLAs on everything from skyscrapers to tree trimming.

In Closing... 
As you can see,  CFEC is needed now more than ever. If you would like to help us keep up our fight against PLAs please consider supporting us today. You can donate via credit card  HERE  or mail a check to PO Box 1627, Poway, CA 92074.