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March 15, 2018 
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 Dear Supporter of Fair and Open Competition:
There is a lot to get to in this PLA Update as union bosses and their elected tools have been busy across the state.
To the report!

Whittier Unified School District:  On February 2nd the Board of Trustees approved the negotiation of a PLA.  CFEC will be working to see that all sides are represented in the negotiations and that either a fair PLA is arrived at or no PLA. Please contact CFEC if you would like to help us in this effort!

Oxnard Union High School District: This District just approved a  $350 million bond for the ballot. The last time they did this they approved a PLA to cover their new high school.  Here is how it turned out. CFEC will now be working to educate the voters as to why approving this bond might not be a good idea. 

Chula Vista Elementary School District: This District removed its PLA once they failed to get three responsive bidders on a project.   The result was a winning bid that came in 15% below estimates!

Salinas Union High School District: The District's failed PLA has led to a recall of one of the board members who voted for it. You can read the latest article  here

Anaheim Elementary School District: The District's Board of Trustees recently held a " special order of business" to discuss PLAs. If you would like to help fight this PLA attempt contact CFEC today!

Martinez Unified School District: We have helped to keep this District PLA-free for four years and the unions are getting impatient.  They want an update on where the PLA issue is. Stay tuned!

Rancho Santiago Community College District: First step: Narrowly approve a PLA. Next step: Adopt union curriculum that is provided by a union ally in Long Beach. If you're an elected body that approves of PLAs then this type of corruption is of no never mind to you.  More c onstruction unions pleased that Rancho Santiago Community College District buys their curriculum. And uses a PLA too. 

Sacramento: CFEC has learned that both the Memorial Auditorium and the Sacramento Community Theatre have been targeted for PLAs. If you would like to help us fight this effort please contact us today!

Antioch:  Victory! The Antioch City Council  voted 3-1 to approve this development without a PLA. The lone NO vote was by a pro-union councilmember who liked the project but wanted a PLA. That idea was rejected. Great news!

San Jose: Having had their city-wide PLA defeated recently at the city council level, unions are back in this Bay Area city going for that and more: PLAs on all public and private work. If you would like to help us fight the ordinance that unions are pushing contact CFEC today. 

Los Angeles: The City Council voted 11-0 to make "affordable housing" in L.A. 20% more expensive  by placing a PLA on all work to take place under Prop. HHH

Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks: Where is Ron Swanson when you need him. Sadly the only people placed on boards at urban entities like this are those who will do the bidding of big labor special interests.  PLA proposed for all DRP work

Lancaster: The City Council in this Antelope Valley community  voted to approve a city-wide PLA into effect recently. If you would like to help push back against PLA incursions into this once safe region please contact CFEC today. 

San Diego: Democrats on the City's  Smart Growth and Land Use Committee think that the best way to get rid of the union greenmailing of projects, that these very council members are enabling,  is to give the unions a city-wide PLA! Stay tuned for this fight. 

San Diego Metropolitan Transit System: Step 1: Elect a President who will do the bidding of union bosses. Step 2: Get taxpayers to approve a tax to fund lots of new things no one will use to travel around San Diego. Step 3: Should tax be approved get PLA placed on all work. CFEC will be asking the Board of the MTS that should they indeed place a tax on the ballot that Fair and Open Competition language be included.

San Diego Airport & Port: Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher  has a new bill in the legislature that would do away with the San Diego Airport Authority and have its operations absorbed by the Port of San Diego. Why? Politics, which means doing the bidding of unions. The Airport Authority rejected a PLA on its previous $1 billion Terminal 1 project and now has a $2 billion project coming up. Unions want that under a PLA and the Port of San Diego has a board that is much more in line with that type of thinking. 

Water Agencies
Central Basin Municipal Water District: The Board of Directors here, after hearing no opposing viewpoint, 

Long Beach Water Department: This agency's board  is currently looking to place PLAs on all work.  If you would like to help CFEC fight this effort please contact us today.

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