Children's survey shows appreciation of education
From time to time we carry out surveys to assess the value of our work in India, but this is the first time we have asked the children themselves. We surveyed class 12 (the final year) and asked their views on the questions listed below. As these were in English, the children had to read and understand the questions before writing their answers. I attach one paper as an example. Example paper
We think the answers are interesting and if you would like to see all the papers, let me know. Any sponsor who has a child in class twelve will receive their paper from Val, our Sponsorship Secretary.

Summary of answers
  •   Why do you want to come to school?
Most wrote that they wanted to learn and improve themselves

  •    Why did your parents want you to attend a Project Mala school?
Most said their parents thought Mala is the best school in the area but were influenced by everything being free

  •   How is Project Mala helping you?
Providing books, food, uniform for free

  •   If you were not in school, what would you be doing?
Almost all said they would be working and not many thought they would be in another school

  •   How do you think education will change your life in the future?
Almost every child thought education was important and would make it easier to get a better job

  •   Did you attend another school before joining Project Mala?
Most have not attended any other school

  •   What do you consider the main differences between Project Mala school and the one you attended? 
Of those that did attend another school, these included children who returned to us from Navodaya and BHU. They all felt that Mala was a lot better and teachers were more interested in them

  •  How do you think you have benefited from going to a Project Mala school instead of a Government school?
Most had no experience of a Government school
  •  Which subjects do you think are most important to learn?
Most thought English, maths and the sciences were important

  •  Which subjects do you think are unimportant?
Some felt all subjects were important but most mentioned Sanskrit as being unimportant

  •  Is a midday meal important to you?
All children appreciated the food at school and felt it was important

  •  What do you think of the school food?
Generally the food was considered good but some felt the menus could be better

  •  Should Project Mala be providing anything else?
Not many suggestions were offered, apart from a few asking for shoes and more books

  • When you finish your education, what job do you want to do and why?
Government jobs headed the list, along with 15 wanting to be in engineering, 3 in teaching and 15 in banking

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