Jaivik paves the way 

How many twelve year olds would be capable of attending an overseas school and being taught in a foreign language?  Jaivik, one of our children, has just returned from a year at Foremarke Hall, the Preparatory School for the famous Repton Public School.  Jaivik has exceeded all our expectations.  I attach his one page interim short report and his full Michaelmas report Jaivik's school report.
Whilst  Jaivik  has done well, he was lucky to be chosen.  Such is the level of ability being achieved in our schools, that we have a number of children who could have done this, which is  great  credit to Anne, Karen and all our teaching staff at Project Mala schools.
The idea to bring a child to study in an English school was the brainchild of Foremarke Trust who proposed and totally financed everything.  As this has been such a great success, Foremarke Trust has now agreed to take another boy next year.  
The boy they have chosen is an orphan named Niraj.  Below is a link to a film of Jaivik and Niraj, where Jaivik is explaining his experience and telling Niraj what to expect when he comes to the UK.  Note the difference in spoken English, but Niraj’s English is better than Jaivik’s was before he came to England.  Jaivik & Niraj film

W e are hoping to find a school that will offer a place for a girl student, so she too could benefit from the experience.
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