Weekly Project Nazareth Check In
The Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jesus Heals a Leper

Introduce the theme of the day: Jesus shows love and compassion.

Ask children to talk about a time when they were sick, or when a family member or friend was sick. Ask questions such as, “Who cared that you were hurting? What did they do to help you?” Some children may give examples of having a cold or the u. Others may talk about cancer or a long- term illness.

Before reading the Bible story, explain that in biblical times leprosy was a word for all kinds of skin diseases. These diseases were not like having a cold! Some of them were contagious and eventually led to paralysis, loss of body parts, and even death. In Jesus’ culture, people who had leprosy were viewed as filthy and unacceptable. They had to wear torn clothing and announce themselves whenever they encountered people. By law, they had to be completely separate from family and the community.

Tell the Bible story Mark 1: 40-45.

Talk about the Bible story.
Jesus could have said to the man, “Be made clean.” Why do you think Jesus touched the man to heal him?
I wonder how long it had been since someone had touched the man with leprosy?
How do you think the man felt when he was away from his family?
Can you think of other times that Jesus healed someone?

Have you ever prayed for someone who was sick? Has someone ever prayed for you?
Have people ever acted like you were “untouchable?”

With your child,pray for the sick and suffering in the world. You might pray for those with Corona and other serious illnesses.

With your child, make a card for someone who is ill, suffering or alone.

Video Connections
Mother Teresa of Calcutta followed Jesus' example and cared for the sickest of the sick and the poorest of the poor! She even cared for the Lepers! Below, we learn about Saint Valentine who was martyred for his faith!
Valentine Fun

Using Candy Valentine Hearts, Play Bible Bingo. Print out the bingo cards and pick up some candy hearts at the store.

Prayer Connection

What Prayers should my child know- A Basic Guide.
How do they learn - say it every night!

By third grade children should know.

The Sign of the Cross
The Our Father
The Hail Mary
The Act Of Contrition
The Glory Be

Please note, The Act of Contrition is probably not the same one you learned growing up. It is a bit more child friendly. You may teach your children either version.

Catholic Brain Connection

Grades 1-3 (Grade 2 Optional)
February Lesson (click to access and sign in) Click Lessons at the Top of the Screen
Lesson: Click Jesus Christ Choose, Adventure Catechism Lesson 2 Who is Jesus by clicking Read More
Watch the video, complete quiz questions and fill in the blanks.

Grades 4-6
February Lesson(click to access and sign in) - Click Lessons at the Top of the Screen
Lesson: Click The Sacraments. Choose, A Sacrament Lesson of your Choice by clicking Read More

Watch the video, complete quiz questions and fill in the blanks.