July 13, 2019
The "No Mistakes" philosophy has been an integral part of the Zentangle Method since its beginning. "No Mistakes" is a saying we use in our Zentangle practice that allows us to see every line as an opportunity and embrace every mark that is ours as artists. Whether intentional or not, with this perspective, one can learn to see beauty and potential in whatever mark we make and whatever path our artistic journey takes. This project pack includes a special surprise that is inspired by one specific story in Zentangle history that exemplifies the Zentangle "No Mistakes" philosophy.
Zentangle Project Pack No. 06
The special surprise in this project pack is a beautiful little journal that we can't wait for you to see! As always, we will present a series of tutorials that go along with this Project Pack No. 06. Each video will guide you through different tangled works that add to the pages of your journal. Throughout these videos, you will hear stories from our instructors about the importance of the “no mistakes” philosophy in their Zentangle practice. We will touch upon different approaches to keeping and working in tangled journals, tangling in both black and white inks and most importantly bringing focus to seeing the beauty in each mark that comes from our pens.

The videos for Project Pack No. 06 will be available beginning August 8, 2019 via our newsletter.
Part of the fun of the Zentangle Project Pack Series is the element of surprise. Out of respect for others wanting to keep the fun of not knowing what is inside, we ask that you please refrain from sharing or posting photos of the contents prior to the release of the videos.
Tangle Step-Out: doo dah
You may have already seen the step out for doo dah in the Step out Library on the Zentangle Mosaic app, but it is such a fun tangle, we had to share it with every one!
We can’t wait to see what you all do with this versatile tangle!

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