Project Status Update
Substantial progress has been made on the diversion project over the last four months, including:
  • The state of Minnesota issued a permit for the refashioned diversion project or “Plan B.”
  • The federal government increased its commitment to the project by $300 million.
  • Chief Judge Tunheim modified an injunction allowed all requested construction in North Dakota to proceed.
  • The state of North Dakota agreed to an additional $180 million in funding for the project.

ND Legislature Approves $180 Million Additional for Project
Diversion Authority Chair and Cass County Commissioner Mary Scherling responded to the North Dakota Legislature’s Commitment of $750 Million for the FM Area Diversion Project.

“We are very grateful for the state’s continued support and we will continue working with our technical and financial advisors to ensure this Project is built in the most efficient and cost-effective manner,” she said. “The Diversion Board is extremely grateful to our local legislators who stepped up this session to increase the state’s financial support of this important project.”

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