Volume V | 04-19-2018
Our hearts go out to those affected by the Ellicott City flooding. To learn how you can help by way of donating items needed, click here.
What's Going on at Rhine?
This Week's Project Spotlight
One of our other projects taking shape is a combination of an outdoor fireplace, covered porch, patio, and walking path atop a retaining wall. This connects from the garage and as a step-down to the other side of the home, with an outdoor entertaining area.

Scheduled to be complete in the coming weeks, here are some photos that show updates over the last couple of months.

More info can be found on our Facebook page!
Effects of Bad Drainage
Puddling of water on your  lawn  can lead to many issues in your yard:
  • Unsightly yellowing or reduced growth of your lawn.
  • Creating low spots in your yard, driveway, or walking paths. Water can actually disrupt even, flat ground, so be sure to remedy this as soon as possible.
  • Drowning trees, shrubs, and flowers, these plants can quickly die out from too much water.
  • Among the most costly is flooding in your home. Basement waterproofing can be one of the best investments you can make to alleviate any unforeseen or future drainage problems.

Other Projects In The Works
From hand excavating the outside of your home foundation to waterproofing the perimeter to avoid any basement leaks or flooding, be sure your home is properly sealed. Water can create so many problems and we are here to help you!
Retaining walls are very common in our line of work and can be used in many landscape settings. This particular design provides a great visual appeal as well as offering a solid barrier between the home and front yard. Small shrubs and flowers add depth, color and appeal.
Project Video Tour
Check out our video tour of this incredible project. A true backyard oasis, this family is transforming their property from a flat grass-filled yard to a one-of-a-kind property.

More info can be found on our Facebook page!

With any pool project, some restrictions apply. $2500 value, min. purchase required. Please inquire for more details.
(exp. 6/30/18)
Swimming Pools
From the initial design and concept, to the landscaping and adjoining patio, we can create any style and size pool for your backyard. It's a great addition to any home and we can create the backyard you have always wanted!

Pro Tip:  Decide on a pool shape. Above ground pools are generally round or oval but in-ground pools come in a variety of shapes. When deciding on a shape for your pool, consider what its main uses will be and what you would like the aesthetic to be. Rectangular pools will be better for swimming laps, while kidney and other shapes can help the pool better blend with surrounding landscaping .
Drainage + Waterproofing
Rain and standing water can often lead to many homes that have drainage and waterproofing issues. If your basement has taken on any water, or if your lawn is ponding, we can correct all of this for you.

Pro Tip:   Next to gutter problems, the angle of the soil around the foundation perimeter can also cause wet basement woes. The soil should slope away from the house to keep rainfall from collecting against foundation walls.
The angle and type of soil are also important. The soil should slope downward six inches over the first four feet from the foundation wall. Thereafter, it can be graded more gradually but should never allow water to run back toward the house .

Master Plan and Hardscape Designs
One of the most important steps in creating the best outdoor space is to have a proper plan. At Rhine, we incorporate a multi-phase process that ensures all of our customers the best outcome, no matter the size of the project. Our full-time Landscape Architects and Designers have years of experience and guarantee results. From a small shrubbery plan or a full design plan to create a backyard oasis complete with a pool, pavilion or pool house, outdoor kitchen, lighting, plantings & more, we can make it happen!
Pro Tip:  When creating any kind of outdoor design or plan, always be certain as to the location and run-off for where water will be flowing.
The Rhine Team is Always Here For You!
Did you know we can help you with all of these projects?
West Friendship's Master of the Skies, Ron Broderick, was honored to take the Rhine Family up, up, and away, into the cool air and clear skies!

I hope you enjoyed our newsletter and found some of my Pro Tips helpful. I love what I do and I’m very proud of the team that I have built over the years. Please keep in mind all of the services we provide and I hope you have a Great Spring.

-Jay Rhine.

President & Founder.
I hope you enjoyed our newsletter and found some of my Pro Tips helpful. I love what I do and I’m very proud of the team that I have built over the years. Please keep in mind all of the services we provide and I hope you have a Great Season!

-Jay Rhine.

President & Founder.
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